About Us

A law school magazine, by law students, and for law students. This venture by two law students, Tejas Rao, and Shounak Banerjee, is to shed light upon the vast subject that is law. We live in a day and age, where IIT’s capture all the limelight, where engineering is the subject of the “elite”. We aim to break free from the shackles of such conservative notions and bring about the importance of legal education, and how it is befitting, for us, law students to take this essential step forward.

There are many pre-conceived notions about law schools, ones that are private or newly established, and how they would fare with respect to the older renowned institutions. We aim to throw all these discrepancies into the background, and focus on the bigger picture- that is to create greater awareness about legal education, and a healthy exchange of ideas. We provide a platform for aspiring law students to use this site as a stepping stone, to help them figure out, what exactly they are getting into- both law as a subject, and also about the institution, straight from the horse’s mouth.

Ergo, Ergo.

This magazine is not the usual law magazine you generally stumble across the internet. We propose to create a forum, a platform, to cultivate the healthy exchange of ideas between law students of different law schools. The one platform where all law students are unified -unified in a single objective.  With the use of strategic optimization coupled with the power of social media, we wish to tap into the very roots of legal education, and how it will serve us in the long run. A platform wherein there will be a free flow of ideas, of thoughts, experiences relating to law schools, poems, anything. If you are a creative head, this is the place to be. You get to communicate with your fellow creative heads, and attain new heights. Ergo, Its YOUR Magazine.

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