Introduction: NALSAR

This article was submitted to us by Namratha Murugeshan, a first year at NALSAR. Her contributions will be posted every alternate Wednesday – so do look out for updates from the City of Pearls

Hello! My name’s Namratha,

A little about myself- I am an avid reader who does not like to be restricted by genres and I read everything that I pick up from everywhere. I grew up in Bangalore and moved to Hyderabad in June 2015 to study law at NALSAR University of Law, Hyderabad. I love anything associated with art that makes us humans reflect upon ourselves and I see understanding law as one of the extensions of that kind of art. I have never been good at introductions and I don’t think I am getting any better with this one but I tried.

One question I am repeatedly asked is why I chose to pursue law. To be honest I don’t have an answer to that. For me learning and continually expanding my intellectual horizon have always been the most important priorities and I see law and being at NALSAR as one of those things that help me work towards the same.

CLAT, often associated with arbitrariness, in 2015 went beyond that. Having faced it, I was glad with the results which placed me at NALSAR. I looked forward to being there with a sense of anxious excitement. Anxiety because everything would change once I entered the legions of a university and excited mostly for the same reason; along with multiple other reasons that I discovered in the first semester which now have me looking forward to spending half a decade there.

The first semester has been a joyride. Despite the numerous assignments we get and the countless hours we spend on academics there is still time for you to do the things that you like. Of course, since it was a new city, the first thing on the list was for me to discover the place. And that was pretty much what I did on most weekends when I didn’t oversleep (there weren’t many weekends like that, to be honest). Yes, both Saturday and Sundays are an off which is pretty much essential because we have classes from almost 9 to 4 on most days with a two-hour break for lunch. Which reminds me that you ought to know that hostel food is never going to be as good as what you get at home. All those jokes about hostel food are actually true. There is always BigBasket to save you from your misery along with a couple of shops within campus that make palatable food but you will still crave for homemade food and begin to appreciate all the good food that your parents made for you over the years.

The biggest change that hits you in college is the number of different people. You not only get used to understanding all the differences and living with it, you also start picking up nuances of everybody’s behaviour because of the amount of time you spend with them. Speaking about living together, the hostels at NALSAR are humble and provide you with all the basic amenities that you require to live comfortably but then again you wouldn’t be spending as much time in your room as you do in the library. The library, for me is one of the best things about NALSAR. Apart from the superfast Wi-Fi that brings everyone there, it has books on almost every topic you could ask for.

The academic block is the most impressive part of NALSAR with the classrooms that surround a beautiful garden that has a tiny pond in it. The classrooms are big and extremely comfortable but the sweltering heat of Hyderabad makes it stuffy during summers. The academic block is extremely spacious and hence after each hour it is usually swarming with students who want to walk off their sleepiness.

Being cut off from the city, the campus is completely green and full of trees. The fresh air and its scenic nature is almost intoxicating especially when you are used to being surrounded by buildings and constantly stuck in traffic. If you are into stargazing like I am then there is no need to go elsewhere. I saw almost 6 shooting stars in my first four months here and that’s 6 more than my entire lifetime. The best thing about the campus being isolated is that there is no one to disturb you from the trance that takes over once you are in campus. It feels like a solitary universe that you shape for yourself. It is only for time to tell whether this universe is what I expect of it or whether it will be the one changing my perception of those expectations.

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