CMR Law School

Introduction: CMR Law School, Bangalore

This article was submitted to us by Darshana Karian, a first-year student at CMR Law School, Bangalore.

A quick introduction about myself. I am Darshana Karian. I’m a typical Bangalore girl having been born and bred in the city. My interests span from theatre and music to athletics and swimming. One could call me a “History freak” relating to my ardent love for the subject.

Why Law?
Courtroom dramas have always fascinated me. Reading well known cases and researching them has become a hobby of mine. Law was always the first career option.

Having not gotten into a desired NLU. I opted to learn the skills of the profession at CMR Law School, Bangalore. The first obvious thoughts that ran through my mind was “Whether the college being a private one would be on par with the standards of other colleges?”
“What are the placements like?”
“What extra and co-curricular activities the college has to offer?”

All my questions were answered when I met the faculty and the alumni whose lives are “success stories” today.

A law school should be one that houses a number of extra curriculars apart from the prescribed learning of the law that groom an individual into a successful lawyer. CMRLS is nothing short of this. One could pamper himself/ herself and experience the quintessential law school life by taking an active part in the Debating Club, MUN and Model Parliament Club and Moot Court.

One of the main things that I wanted to do was join the MUN society which I did. In an academic year we take part in a couple of MUNs across the country.
Though I did not join the Moot Court Society this year, it was a learning experience helping out my peers with their respective memorials. I look forward to joining the society in the next academic year.
The college has a very good mooting track record, having won 4 top national level moots this year. The college has a knack for churning out highly respected mooters in the country. Something which gives me great joy!

The crowd has been nothing short of amazing. I can openly say that I’ve made some dear friends that stay very close to my heart. Since there are many students from all parts of the country and from abroad. Learning about each ones culture has been an interesting experience. I have a wonderful set of seniors. Smart, extremely helpful and encouraging. I am truly blessed!

The classes are such that some might interest you, some might bore you to death (it’s up to you to decide which class fits which category). But the faculty is extremely dedicated and their hard work pays when the university results come out with the first 3 ranks bagged by students from my college.

As I write the end of semester exams, it’s hard to believe that 6 months of law School life is already over. I look forward to the coming semesters and the opportunities it holds for me.

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