I Will Wake Up: NLU-O

This article was submitted to Ergo by Shivangi Bajpai, a first-year at NLU-Odisha, originally hailing from Jodhpur. She is a voracious reader, and writing poetry is one of her guilty pleasures.

As I wake up this morning, staunch sweaty, trying to beat the urge to keep on lying in my bed, cuddled in the quilt, which feels so smooth against my cheek, it becomes all the more difficult to leave the bed. With my eyes as dry as a drought stricken piece of land in a remote desert, lips parched and thirsty throat biting the inner lining of mucus, I begin to feel like a person, long lost, in the golden folds of an engulfing desert, which is way better than sitting in a cubicle that stinks of new bleach and reflects depressed clerks’ agitated sighs and groans. (No, I exaggerated). The old building still has the lumber bag computer systems which have their heat escaping out of the highly old fashioned air outlets on the rear of the monitor. The thought of going to the internship office fills the morning air with morbid irritation. The clock has struck 9:00 and I am still lying on my bed, refusing to get up.

I hear my mother chapping on the door.

I ignore the wooden noise made by the knuckles tapping on the door. My mother has stopped chapping. I hear her footsteps moving away. Now that, she is gone, I pull my covers closer as the gush of wind, carrying the odour of an early winter morning, enters my room through the open window. Did I keep the window open? I can’t recall keeping it open.

Anyway, that was a week ago.

Now that, I am again in college, I realise how unhappy, I can be. And oh, I very much mean it.

Okay, I did hate the work at internship office and the unwanted guests at home and all the noise their kids made.  And it couldn’t have got worse. No, It couldn’t have.

Back to college and I am still disgusted. Ugh. What did I ever do to the universe?

Monday morning, and I wake up to the alarm singing- “Wake UP.” Back home, my alarm used to play- “A Sky full of stars.”.

Who changed my alarm song?

Everything is a mystery. Why is the universe expanding? It will keep on expanding and finally one day, it will engulf everything in itself. Everything will be destroyed, even that internship Office.
Why am I here? The thought of going to the class and sitting hours after hours, listening to the lectures in their monotonous voices is so depressing. Yes THEIR lectures. (Don’t pretend that you don’t know THEM).

How happy I would be, If I were at home.  Eating nice food with my cosy family, Sleeping in my little bed and waking up to – “The Sky full of Stars”.
Oh wait. Let that imagination shatter away for a while because I am to eat the mess food, sleep in the stupid bed and wake up to- “Wake up, wake up. It’s a brand new day-a-‘yay’. Wake up.”

No. It is not ‘yay’.

Nooooooo. I don’t want to wake up. My “Nooooooo” gets lost in the air of Odisha.
Tomorrow is a Monday morning.

I will ‘wake up’.
‘They’ will lecture.

And I will be back to my ‘almost law school’ life. AGAIN.

DISCLAIMER: The views represented above are that of the author alone and do not reflect the views of the magazine, Ergo. No legal liability or other responsibility is accepted by or on behalf of Ergo for any errors, omissions, or statements on this site, or any site to which these pages connect.  We accept no responsibility for any loss, damage or inconvenience caused as a result of reliance on such information.

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