New Year, New Semester: NALSAR

This article was submitted to us by Namratha Murugeshan, a first-year at NALSAR, an avid reader & a lover of art. Her contributions will be posted every alternate Wednesday – so do look out for updates from the City of Pearls.

It is already January and another year has just passed by silently. January signals the arrival of the new year and a new semester – the second semester for me. After a highly eventful first semester, I have been anticipating this one to begin right from the start of my vacations. Of course, it is hard to get used to being back in college after a long and lazy vacation.

So what does it mean to be back now? New subjects, new teachers and a whole new set of assignments. But along with this load of work, comes a whole bunch of fests and events that are very exciting and colourful. There are almost 5 fests lined up this semester, along with Interrobang, the NALSAR quiz and the NALSAR LitFest. The even semester are shorter here and definitely have more holidays in between.

At the start of the new semester, I was greeted to a less green campus. With it being winter-autumn in Hyderabad, it is quite cold and chilly and all the trees have shed their leaves. After the customary meeting of friends and colleagues, I had to move on with life as usual in college. One of the best parts about a new semester is the excitement that accompanies you while learning about what has changed in the college and what new lectures you’ll be taking for the next four months. So for the second semester, one of the most exciting subjects we have is Criminal Law. Usually it is taught in the second year but with the expectation of introducing more electives and to accommodate the newly formed two sections, it is being taught in the first year itself.

The two sections in the first year is something that has been introduced this academic year due to the increase in intake of students since 2015 and my batch is the guinea pig for all the experiments the college wants to conduct on the system of having more students in the batch. The elective system in NALSAR is one of the best amongst the law schools which gives you scope not only to increase your strength in legal subjects but also many others like humanities or accountancy or even film-making. Out of the 200 credits that are essential for procuring a degree, more than 60 come from electives that each individual is allowed to pick and this gives a lot of scope to identify one own interests and specialization. Also there are a lot of guest lecturers who take classes or sessions that gives a whole new perspective about that subject or topic. Just last week we had a session with the Dean of Cornell Law School who gave us information about the differences between studying here in India and abroad, the kind of differences in degrees and the difference in visions of what is expected from lawyers in different countries. We also had the eminent journalist P. Sainath who delivered a guest lecture arranged by the public policy group of NALSAR.

The essence of learning here is individuality and self-initiative. There are ample opportunities available for those who can take advantage of them.

More in a fortnight!

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