Introducing NLU-O: NLU-O

This article was submitted to Ergo by Anmol Gupta, a second-year student, pursuing her B.A.,LL.B. at NLU-O. She likes to write poetry, drink coffee and avoid social gatherings.

Let me be frank. Right from the outset, when informed of the task of introducing NLUO to the readers of this blog, I was reluctant, grasping for optimism and bright sunny things to say about my university (things that I have not been known to say). Looking at the other entries for other universities, the pressure to represent positively was even higher. So, I began by asking around for ideas from other misanthropes.

A particular fifth year friend, in his final year of juggling moots, internships and LL.M. applications, quipped, “Submit a blank three page document, and say this is it.”

I did not laugh, for my sake and his.

Looking for pearls of wisdom, I sought the fourth years, expected to be in the prime of their law school lives, expected to score jobs by the dozens. What I found were the fourth years, in the prime of their law school lives, and thus, much too busy to wax poetic about a place they just wanted to get out of. Each friend had their own burden, whether it was an international moot, organizing the first PD of the college, or taking charge of the mess to feed the masses. And those who didn’t, were scoring in some other sense of the word (if you catch my drift).

This investigative process has been ongoing for three weeks now, and while the editor of this blog patiently asks me for my article (Sorry!), I ended up using my last resort. I sought out my closest friends in college: my debate team.

“What is the best thing about NLUO?” I begged, hoping for a straight answer.

“Why, it’s us, of course,” said my friend, pointing at himself first and then, at our third member as an afterthought. The third member grinned, clueless and went back to preparing for his moot, as law students do.

While I did not admit it at the time, the thought stuck. What would the reader expect me to describe? A lush green campus, great faculty, a happening city life, reasons to study law? We have some of those things, and some we don’t, and some we will have some day, and some we never will (which is which, I won’t answer). Would the reader hope for some insight as to “Why NLUO?”, the much dreaded question that every NLU student has to hear for their dreary five years and beyond? As you can guess, there is no one answer to that and pitting law schools against one another asking that question (looking at you, CLAT coaching centres and swanky law firms) is inherently unfair. You will make your peace with whichever college you go to, for better or worse. It’s only the people who change, only the people who make it worth living there, irrespective of how the institution is.

The first few batches of NLUO watched our college arise and awake. The next few batches, including mine, watched it ask for five more minutes of sleep. However, as every youngling eventually does, NLUO did wake up and go about its proceedings, but it had its moments of truancy too. On some days, we witness the enthusiasm to suddenly construct an amphitheater (seriously) and on others, we see the same old college, going through the motions as National Law Universities do. Despite being cozily nested in Cuttack, we are changing, to keep pace with an ever-changing world.

So, what is the best thing about NLUO? Its self-awareness and quiet tenacity to improve over the years? Or maybe the strange willingness to still play along with the national law school culture? The brochures will probably tell you it should be the endless Best Memorial citations, but I will let you decide for yourself.

I, on the other hand, am satisfied with the answer I received from my team, and some day, I will be satisfied with the answer given by the fifth year friend. In between the current point, which I shared with loved ones, to the end point, which I’ll share with blank pages only, I will go through the doldrums, like the ones too busy to talk to me. But that is alright, because that is what this place provides you with in between- strange answers from strange people, and silence later to figure out what they meant.

So, if you ever receive an answer like this, when all you wanted to do was understand us better, do as I did. Laugh, for your sake and theirs. It will make more sense later.

Editor’s Note: You can check out her incredible blog, here –, filled with some amazingly powerful poetry

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2 thoughts on “Introducing NLU-O: NLU-O

  1. Well, I came here to look for some respite from the (unexpectedly) difficult process of choosing a law school. I’m stuck between NLUO Cuttack and Jindal Global Law School (with a minimum 50% scholarship). True, the students make the college. True, this question has a different answer for everyone. But in the midst of the barrage of opinions and reviews that I’m facing, I am left confused, unaware, and helpless. Help me find an answer to this, please. Please.


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