MSR College of Law, Bangalore

The Blinking Cursor: M.S. Ramaiah College of Law, Bangalore

The following piece was submitted to Ergo by a student of the MSRCL, Bangalore, who wished to remain anonymous.

Before you assume that the title would probably be inspired by some deep thought, don’t.

But before I delve Into my reflection of what my time at law school has been so far, kudos to Tejas for starting a page like ergo, I hope to see it go far and I’m glad to contribute in any way.  Tejas has also very graciously accommodated my requests with regards to publishing so, thank you for that as well!

Coming to law school, I’ve barely been here one semester and well, from the first few weeks to the last few of the semester, it’s been a juxtaposition.

I do not go to an NLU, and the only thing that made me get my ass off the bed was having low attendance.  But towards the end of it, I started liking it and I hope to elaborate about the same over the course of this short article, which Tejas did exhort me to write and I’m glad I did.

For almost all of y’all who go to a college that’s in the city you stay in, you would probably belong to the minority of ‘localities ‘, and that oddity is something that took me some time to settle into.  College is actually not half bad and my college, turns out, did its best to accommodate for students.  They had decent infrastructure, all the teachers could speak good English, the teaching was good and well, to make a long story short, it was the opposite of all the misconceptions that I had towards and about this college before I joined it.

Why would I join a college that I had, well, too many misconceptions about?

Let’s just say that I messed up!

For the first couple months of college, it was hell.  It was a stream of days when I worried myself sick about weather I made the right decision or weather I was going to be marginalized or weather I would not have half the opportunities that my (seemingly) superior peers at NLUs had or where I’d stand at the end of 5 years.  The fact that I could hear the unsaid words about the college I studied in (it not being an NLU) certainly didny help.

But honestly, apart from things like peers, people, friends, environment and all that jazz, it sorta hit me , like a truck no less, that they don’t.  So I write to tell y’all about what landed me here, what you shouldn’t do to land yourself here, and if you do land up where I am, why you shouldn’t worry

I landed up here simply because  I put all my eggs in one basket.

I decided on doing law really late and CLAT was the only exam that I took. That’s the biggest mistake anyone can make. Simply because, (and as many of you having had experienced the CLAT might concur) CLAT is a game of luck, for the most part.   So, please go ahead and write every exam that you can think of.  Nothing to lose.

For those of y’all who are prepping for the CLAT, irrespective of what rank you got in your mock, in your class or wherever, regardless of which senior or teacher told you what …how…when. None of that matters. You need to find your OWN unique way of study that works for you and therein lie the  mantras that are indispensable for you to perform your fullest, whatever the exam.
A) Be consistent. Nothing beats consistency
B) the only way to get yourself there is to tell yourself that you’re not doing enough, because honestly, trust me, you’re not.

In law school, I’ve learned. A lot of things, ranging from how to deal with people, time,  extracurriculars and much more. But of the greatest of them: my insecurities about my college,  and that naturally stems from weather my degree will be good enough.

Well for those of y’all out there who think that students in NLUs have opportunities handed to them on a silver platter and “getting through CLAT is the hardest thing in 5 years “, wake up, fruitcake, they have to bust ass as well, it’s just that they have more competition so they push themselves harder.
And this also taught me that I’ve no one else to blame but me because the moment you start blaming the world, luck,  education system, the moon, Rahul Gandhi and whatever else, is the moment you start doing it forever.  You messed up,  deal with it.


That does NOT mean you can’t get up and start working, because, honestly, the Law doesn’t change irrespective of your college, and that’s why I found it best to work with whatever hand life deals you, and take it from there.

And that’s what I did.  I read more than I needed to, I wrote more than I had to, I asked too many questions and I used the library.
Because honestly, you never have anything more to offer than your own blood, toil, years and sweat.

And that’s what forms the crux of my story, at least, what inspired the title, simply cause that’s what the first 4 months of law school felt like.  A simple, empty, insignificant, blinking cursor.  But hey!! Its the same blinking cursor that could go on and write a most wonderful story that can change the future, write wonders never known to man, make history and much more that’s beyond the power of verbal expression and more than the mind can fathom.  Or can stay just that; a blinking cursor.  The choice is yours.

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