NLU, Jodhpur

NL-who? NL-U: NLU, Jodhpur

This article was submitted to Ergo by Kartikeya Sharma and Krishnan Sreekumar, who are both currently in their first-year at the National Law University, Jodhpur.

This post is meant to be an expression or a personal anecdote of our law school life at NLU-J, by no means an easy task. We’re two guys from Bangalore, now living in Jodhpur. So yeah, the transition wasn’t easy. However, after spending an entire semester in the Blue city, the one thing we can positively say is that it isn’t that bad after all. At first, we were reluctant to accept that Jodhpur was now our home. In fact, we were in denial for a long time; finding faults with everything, comparing it to home. But the thing is, there’s something about the charm and rustic feel of the Blue city that makes you fall in love with it.

FLASHBACK: Let us take you back to when we first reached college. It was towards the end of June when the temperature was pushing 40° C and this was when Mother Nature first tested us. The only thing we could think was, ‘Yeh kahan aa gaye?’ (Roughly translated to ‘Where on Earth have we come?’). Well, the only thing that kept our hopes up was the fact that classes had ACs (yes, they work). The hostels were also worth bragging about as we have single occupancy rooms with small balconies to dry clothes in. At the time of writing this piece of literary excellence (Jk), we’re under 3 layers of clothing and a thick quilt trying to keep warm. So yeah, it can go from 40° C to around 12° C in the space of a few months, or as clothes go, from shorts to Arsene Wenger’s jacket.

A little bragging about NLU-J. We’re champion mooters, smart students and excellent sportsmen. NLU-J, in its infrastructural essence, is a 55-acre campus that houses both the faculty, students and the support staff. But whenever the opportunity to head out into the city comes up, the entire college contingent grabs it by the neck. We love our campus and all, but we all need a getaway. And what better than to explore the city (Bhai, Ola book kiya?) and experience the rustic charm of the quaint little cafes and restaurants, visit the imposing Mehrangarh fort that overlooks the city and go mad shopping. You’ll never know where your money goes at the end of the month, and no matter how many times you promise yourself that you’ll spend less, there’ll come another Big Bazaar run that you’ll embark on.

Moving to the student life here at NLU-J, life in the hostels is in the very least ‘entertaining’. Never a dull moment. (If you catch my drift). Now here, we’re talking about life in the boys’ hostels; we can’t speculate on what goes on in the girls’ hostels, but it can’t be all too different, can it? You’re never in your own room, and you’re never paying for your own food. When one is finally done with eating in the mess, they turn to the Gods in charge of the restaurants that deliver food to the campus, freeing you from the monotony of the food served in college, belting Mallu food, Punjabi treats and even your humble pizza. Parties are an NLUJ essential, and we’re MAD partygoers; so much so that some of the guards imitate us in our drunk avatars. We’d like to tell you more interesting anecdotes about the student life here, but it’s a life one must experience rather than hear through word of mouth.

But the highlight of our first semester was Yuvardha, the university’s sports fest, which is arguably the most competitive sporting event in the law school circuit. The only thing we heard in our first 2 months in college was Yuvardha-related. Watching the players representing our college practice hard every day could not help but inculcate a feeling of unity amongst the different batches. Walls were decorated, the campus turned over a new leaf and everything seemed much brighter and energetic. Donning the college jerseys made us realise that we were part of something much bigger, a part of a culture. It was a chance for us first years to prove ourselves to the college crowd and for our seniors, it was one last shot at glory and going out on a high. Post Yuvardha, we returned to the routine schedule of deciding whether to go to class, which mess to eat in, and procrastinating before our tests. We got our first feel of what finals week felt like, and began to understand all those finals week memes on 9gag. Eventually, we had to pull some magic just to pass and kisi tarah khatam ho gaya semester.

In conclusion, a superb first semester. The first 4 months taught us a lot. (A lot of Hindi abuses) No, seriously, we learnt a lot; how to survive, how to adjust and live amicably with people from different backgrounds. Our experience was so good, that we were raring to go at our second semester. Yes, this place has its quirks, just like any other place. But it’s a place we call home now. Who are we now? We’re NLU-J. We work hard, we party harder. To summarise: NL-who? NL-U.

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