I Try: NLU-O

This article was submitted to Ergo by Shivangi Bajpai, a first-year at NLU-Odisha, originally hailing from Jodhpur. She is a voracious reader, and writing poetry is one of her guilty pleasures.


I wake up to my alarm.

And, no. It is not the same. It is not annoying anymore. I got my alarm ringtone fixed. Not whining anymore.

At least, I try.

Waking up has always been the tough part of life. I can’t help it. And especially, when the winds are cold, and when, all you need is a cup of coffee and a warm sheet to cover your body and stay in your natural state.

Okay. Stop blaming me for my lethargy. It is the weather. Blame it on the weather.

Falling off the bed when the corridor is full of girls, banging their doors and whining, because it is a class, has been the only inspiration to leave my bed.  Crawling to the mess needs so much effort, I tell you. Not that the food is bad. It’s pretty decent actually, except for a few days.

Come on, food has its bad days as well.

But then, it is really heart warming to see the mess people working so hard to give us the daily food for nutrition.

At least, they try.

It is time, we start appreciating the efforts every one of us is putting together to keep everyone including me, pretty much engaged. And after all, we are all here, for a purpose. As they say. And no, it is not the same for all of us.

Some of us want to shape our personalities in this small world of ours, to face the big cruel world outside while others want to engage themselves academically. Okay, let’s be honest. We all have to engage ourselves academically, if not in our initial years in the college, then later. But sooner or later, you got to do it because we all need to earn money for existence.  So, let’s face it.


Moving on to the present day, soon to be- ‘Back in my day’, where I am having my little sweet time. Walking to the barrage in the morning air or in the evening wind, sitting on the river bed of Kathajodi with a friend who considers you a friend, drinking and talking about things that matter, waiting for the Mahanadi to be flowing again and coming back to your little home with the sweet smell of the wind from the land and playing a game of Badminton, doesn’t sound that bad. I am trying to make my years memorable, bit by bit and I am storing these memories in a little box, kept in a corner of my heart, so that, years later when I unravel my past, I can still remember these days and smile.

At least, I am trying.

Coming back to your little red room, isn’t that bad when you have a steady internet connection.

Yes, we have a good internet connection. Be happy, already.


Ever wondered, how these little things make your life happier, bit by bit?

Not that everything is delightful. I have my disappointing moments. This university has its disappointing moments.

But, we try.

We try to be something in between.

I try, to be on the positive of my graph of happiness.

No. I am not an optimist. Not implying, I am a pessimist.

I am something in between, and there’s always this optimism, to achieve.

At least, I try.

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