MNLU, Mumbai

MetroLife: MNLU, Mumbai

This article was submitted to Ergo by Saisha Singh, a first-year at the Maharashtra National Law University, Mumbai.

Mumbai coming up with a national law university is the kind of news for which law school aspirants desperately wait for. An NLU in a metro city like Mumbai is definitely worth it. The city of seven islands, as it is fondly called, is home to various prestigious colleges, and the Bombay High Court.

After taking admission in NLU Odisha and attending for a month, the phone call from MNLU filed my mind with a lot of questions. After conversations with seniors and people in the legal field, I decided to give it a try. It was a tough decision to become a part of an institution which has not yet established itself in the legal arena. Nevertheless, I came to Mumbai to complete the admission process of Maharashtra National Law University.

The university operates through a temporary campus in TISS Mumbai. The campus we have works as an academic one and all other facilities (such as mess, recreation and the library) is shared with the main TISS campus. Our young batch of only 61 students live outside in accommodation provided to us by the university. Being the first batch allows the students to be involved in organizing as well as sending college representatives to many law schools across the country.

Our vice chancellor Professor Bhavani Prasad Panda and the faculty are making incredible attempts to impart education in the best possible manner. One feature which distinguishes MNLU from other institutions is that of guest lectures, which are supposed to take place every Saturday. Not only legal academicians, but professors from other fields are invited to deliver lectures on subjects such as sociology and legal history. Similarly, the students are made aware of the options available to them after completing the integrated programme. With the mentorship and guidance of senior professors and vice chancellors such as Prof NR Madhava Menon, Prof SV Joga Rao, Prof R Venkata Rao and others, the university strives to promote its motto: dharmay tatpartya.

But despite being in a super favourable location, the university has its drawbacks. The faculty is mostly new, so there is a certain level of starting trouble. But after some time, we have gotten quite well adjusted to their teaching, and above all, their last minute check-ups for preparation a night before the exam.

Students and faculty here exemplify unity in diversity, as we work and celebrate together as a family.

Another area I would like to address is that coming to law school has been my first brush with reality.

Since time immemorial, most of the students may have heard the statement, beta 12th achche se padh lo, college mein masti karna. But I have realised that life after the entrance is no cakewalk.

Everything looks amazing, but the first year of my entry into the college comes with subject lectures and a ton of projects. Projects for research form an integral part of the pedagogy at every law school, this being no exception. But it was quite strange to get all the allotments within the first week and a clash of various submissions. 45 days, 5 submissions, all these announcements fall like bombs, making us realize, law school is not an easy journey.

We get up at 7, leave by 8:45, eat breakfast, attend classes from 9:30 to 5 (with a 1.5 hour lunch break), sit in library till 11pm, come back to the hostel, work again, and with this, conclude the day.

All this went on for quite some time, till we finally got the most wonderful thing- WiFi in the hostel. This came as a respite for us, and still continues to save the day. And then came the final submissions- there was a certain element of humour seeing everyone running around for print outs and notes, dropping those at the office and laughing in exasperation.

But all the hard work has taught me a lot. It has taught me not to procrastinate and most importantly, try to enjoy life even among the workload. Taking time off to explore is important being in one of the most important cities in the country.

It is with all this vigour and energy that I am sitting in my hostel, writing to you. At the end of the day, that brings me happiness. So to all those reading this post, and appearing for CLAT in future, I wish you all the best, and I welcome any queries you wish to ask in the thread below.

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25 thoughts on “MetroLife: MNLU, Mumbai

    1. The curfew timings for both boys and girls is 11 p.m

      The wardens are liberal if you are right in your part. They and the faculty who live here are very cooperative in this respect.


    1. MNLU 2015 closed somewhere on 150th rank, and the score of 125.

      This time MNLU is a part of CLAT, and therefore you will now be required to fill up preferences.


  1. It is obviously not as reputed as other well known NLUs, eg. NLU Bangalore. And since most lucrative jobs recruit only from highly esteemed universities, would it be smart to add MNLU to the preference form?
    Also I wished to know how much my target score needs to be to get into MNLU.
    Thank You.


  2. Since it’s just a year old, I’m bound to believe it’s probably not as reputed as other well known Law Universities, eg. NLSIU or Nalsar Law University.
    And since most reputed, well-paying law firms recruit only from highly esteemed universities, would it be smart to add MNLU to the preference form?
    Also I wished to know how much my target score needs to be (CLAT) to get into MNLU.
    Thank You.


    1. The very fact that we are in the metro city of Mumbai shall be able to answer this question. the city is not only the financial capital but also is a legal hub, which is on the verge of becoming the legal capital of the country (with the coming up of an arbitration centre in the city). It is one city where all the major law firms of the country are established. It is pretty obvious that being just one year old it can’t have the reputation as the likes of NLSIU or NALSAR but you must know that goodwill and reputation comes up with its own pace, the advantages of being an ambassador of the new university is that you will get plethora of chances for participating in various debates and moot courts and representing the university and providing building blocks for the university. Also, consider that being in the financial capital of India, the quality of students will be much higher as compared to other national law universities and yes we do have many people who have left higher ranking NLUs, so there is no scarcity of talent here. Moreover, the university is making best efforts to bring in various professors for guest lectures, moot court learning, and career counselling. Eminent personalities like Ms. Aarthi Ramakrishnan, Mr R Venkatramani, Retd Just. Roshan Dalvi etc have, in this as well as last semester, addressed the students.

      Talking about the preference you can no doubt place MNLU mumbai higher than GNLU or HNLU. regarding the marks, one can never be 100% sure about the cut-offs in CLAT. as you could see in CLAT 2014 highest mark was 171 while in CLAT 2015 it was 143.75.


  3. Is it necessary to stay in the hostel even if we are staying in Mumbai? And is the quality of education up to the mark as compared to other colleges? If one has a choice between GLC and MNLU, which one should be chosen if one wants to stay in Mumbai only?


    1. National Law universities are primarily residential in their nature. Therefore, even though you are in Mumbai, but you have to live in the hostel.
      The quality of education here, being a founding university, is comparatively good because we also get guest lectures, apart from the regular studies.


  4. Is it necessary to stay in the hostel even if one stays in Mumbai? Is the quality of education up to the mark as compared to other colleges? And of one has a choice between GLC and MNLU which one should be chosen considering the fact that one wants to stay in Mumbai itself?
    Reply Soon please.
    Thank you. 🙂


  5. Hi saisha well written . actually I wanted to ask you that is students belonging to maharshtra are there or students from any other part of the country are also there . also if you are able to give any clues about the permanent campus’s completion of work that would be welcomed . thanks


  6. Hi saisha . I wanted to ask that is mnlu only has students of Maharashtra or it has students from other states too . also if you can share any info about the permanent campus of mnlu it would be quite helpful .


    1. Sorry for the late reply!!!
      MNLU has students from Maharashtra as well as other states. I, myself belong to Rajasthan and am a student there.
      As far as the campus is there, we will be associated with TISS Mumbai for some time, till the allotment and subsequent infrastructure build up.


  7. Hello, I have been looking for such info on MNLU. Thanks, it’s a good read.
    Be unbiased and tell me that why do you place MNLU on top of Raipur. I get the location advantage is great but would the early batches of MNLU get the perks of being here and leaving a well established college?
    Like Competitions, internships, the law school experience?


    1. Hey, I have not shared it with many people, but I also got through for HNLU and RGNUL, in fact, many of my batchmates also got through GNLU, RMLNLU, but we chose not to join them.
      We have all left well-established universities and come to be a part of MNLU Mumbai, and even after missing out on the fact that there are no seniors, it gives us the chance to learn things on our own and be responsible as the founding batch. Moreover, we do have seniors in the form of LLM students, even though they may keep changing every year, but nevertheless, they are instrumental in providing us help with regards to internship, moots and law school experience.
      Furthermore, just keep this in mind that the perks of joining an established university will be entirely different from the ones which will be coming up. It is not always about the location, but also the fact that academicians from the country and outside are invited to deliver lectures and share knowledge is something worth considering in a law school.

      I hope I was able to answer your query!!!


  8. As you have said that you were in NLUo and then you left it and joined MNLU ,was it a wise decision by you
    Are you satisfied with the quality of education,infrastructure and everything that matters?
    I am also facing the same problem now,i need to choose between nluo and mnlu.


    1. I would reply that in affirmative. Every university has its own set of standards for all the factors you have mentioned. In a city like Mumbai, all facilities they sought and will seek to provide are good by the city’s standards. It is undeniable that Mumbai being a metro city is quite crowded, but in amidst of this, whatever they have given us in terms of infrastructure is nice. In terms of education too, they are making the best efforts, but it is ultimately the students who make the university.

      I hope I was able to make you understand whatever you asked.


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