NLSIU, Bangalore

And Then, Law School Happened: NLSIU

This article was submitted to us by Harjas Singh, a first year student at the National Law School of India University. 

There was a certain chill in the air when I walked through the gates of National Law School of India University. A feeling of triumph came over me knowing that I had achieved what I had dreamt of. I had worked tirelessly, aced the CLAT, and now I was in NLSIU (or Law School, as I would soon call it). 82 of us had strived hard to reach this place and to begin our journey together. I was thrown into a room with 2 strangers, each of us occupying one cubicle. We were all different people, from different states of India, asked to share a room for a year, and maybe more. The “cube” was sombre, painted in a dull yellow, and quite small – a bed, a table and a chair were all that could fit into it. Ah, how I missed my old room, with the huge bed and the beautiful walls. It even had space to walk around. Alas, I told myself that this was what I dreamed of for the last one year, that NLSIU is where I belong. Seniors visited us that night, to have a “positive interaction” with us. They called a few of us and started “positively interacting” with us. It was weird initially, because we had we hadn’t even spoken to each other before, forget the seniors. But soon it became a lot more fun. Here we were, a bunch of strangers, laughing together, at and with each other. We shared jokes, we danced, we sang, we did some tasks. Who would’ve thought that it would be a positive interaction after all! The seniors gave us some tips to get through Law School, and we went back to our cubes. And somehow, the cubes didn’t feel so peculiar anymore. I went to sleep at 1 am that night, a time which would become ‘too early to go to bed’ as the trimester progressed. While I lay in my bed that night, I remembered what some seniors had told us: “When law school strikes, it strikes you hard. The trimester breezes away in a whisker.

And the next morning, Law School happened! We were told that we would have to submit 4 well-researched, well-cited (what was citation now?), non-plagiarised, original projects, each of which should be at least 4000 words (including one of at least 30 pages). In addition, we had to give four mid-terms and four end-terms – a total of 8 exams within a span of three months. Further, we had to read around 7-10 books completely for our History course. Off to the library I went, absolutely terrified! The next month became a series of classes-library-positive interaction-sleep. Two projects had to be submitted in a month, one of which was the History course which scared us all. A month passed by, so did another two and just like that a trimester was over. Time does fly by quite quickly. As I look at my first trimester in retrospect, I realise that a lot has happened in those three brief months. I have mooted, debated, volunteered for a number of fests, danced, sang, marched, ran, shouted, screamed, and done almost everything I could think of (except sleep of course! You don’t sleep in Law School!). But most importantly, I had made friends. The walls don’t feel dull any more. I knew so much (a little too much to be honest!) about those strangers that I had been asked to share a room with three months ago. 7-8 people now fit in a cube that had earlier felt so small. 3-4 people now sit on that small bed that made me miss the comfort of my home. We have come a long way in the three months. Law School isn’t this strange, peculiar place anymore, it is MY place. It is now where I belong, where I am supposed to be.

Now that I have successfully lived through another trimester, things don’t seem so hard anymore. Yes, we still have 4 projects and 8 exams every three months. Yes, we still have to read a lot. But it isn’t the uphill battle that it was before. Now, we don’t feel that stress anymore. I guess this is because we know that we are all in this together. We have decided to get through Law School with each other, making memories along the way. We play, we chill, we have fun, we enjoy life (we still don’t can’t sleep though). So more than law or those boring history or sociology courses, Law School teaches you how to handle an enormous (and yes it’s enormous) work load. It teaches you to live with each other, for each other, making friendships that (hopefully!) shall last forever. On June 29, 2015 I came to a college called National Law School of India University living in a strange cube with 2 other strangers. On March 9, 2016, when my vacations end, I will return to LAW SCHOOL to MY cube where I live with MY FRIENDS. I will come back home.

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