A Happy Article: WBNUJS


Shreya Mishra

Shreya Mishra is currently a first year in West Bengal National University of Juridical Sciences and is fond of reading novels based on contemporary issues.


The first year is probably the most important year of law school life (Bear with me.  Not saying this from a career point of view, that can be true as well, but let’s not get there). A lot has already been written about how people have adjusted to their law school life, in the first semester and hence in this piece, I choose to write about the feeling when the first year is about to get over.  Some have adjusted themselves to this environment, some are still struggling and some are on crossroads!

Since I am from the same city as the college is situated in, I have never felt very anxious about college. I can go back home as and when I want. However, it also acts as an escape route for me (which actually is, detrimental) but it is chill for me. I can rush back to home if I feel there is anything I want to escape from. However, as the year first year progressed, things started falling in place and the escape route wasn’t required. Apart from the cultural shock and discovering yourself and your happiness, you meet a whole lot of new people, learn to shed your inhibitions and try things which you probably wouldn’t have tried otherwise. While this may not be true for a lot of other people, it was definitely true for me. Come Lohri, and you see the entire college coming together and dancing preceded by MUN after-party and the PD Party. While I didn’t attend any of these, those who might have, and are reading this or plan to come here, be assured that this college will give you a lot of opportunities to party. WBNUJS loves it. The best is yet to come though. Come February and you have Invicta and Outlawed. One of the biggest sports and cultural fest among the law schools (So much advertising), 3 days of crazy work and crazier nights. All those fancy colleges in dramas and movies (where they party all night long) would no longer be a dream. It is right there.

Come semesters and everyone would be sitting in the library all day long. Rushing to the photocopy dada and asking for notes and coffee. I absolutely love ‘dada’. The first exam would be Contracts (if you are here) and it would feel amazing once it is done. Life and the world seem happier once Law of Contracts is over. Kind of, been there, done that. Ten days of intensity and the semesters are over and you can party again.

So we have covered parties and semesters, next we have friends. One of the most important things I discovered is that the friends here will be your lifeline. They will listen to your endless rants and advice you to stop cracking lame jokes because clearly it isn’t helping your poor sense of humour.
Nothing I say can stress about how important these lifelines are.

This brings me to the last point- the little quarrels you might pick up with them. I have had fights and they have been terrible.

However, as preachy as I may sound, it is important to figure out the important lot and stick with them. About fights, you just might keep having them, for whatever reason but resolve them and talk it out. Though at this juncture, I should add that five years is a long time and you might not as well be friends with the same people (I swear I am in the first year, just wanted to shed some gyan a senior passed to me!)

In the end, the first year is almost about to get over, semesters are almost here and party mode is gone! However, some of the most important lessons have been learnt, a little more maturity gained, happiness is in the air, about becoming seniors after a few months but then everything is overpowered by the sadness of not being in the first year anymore! Not being able to do crazy stuff and get away with it and not getting to hear from seniors “abbey first year hai!”

And the author in me does not exactly want to thank Shivangi Bajpai for all the coaxing, to write this post. However, she is worth mentioning to have induced so much fear in the happy girl in me that I finally did write up my first piece of prose, as you may call it.

This was my happy article, a happy girl that I am.

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