NUSRL, Ranchi

The Simple, Common Things: NUSRL, Ranchi

This article was sent in to Ergo by Puja Jakhar, a student at the NUSRL, Ranchi.

And when you finally decide to join the most exciting and dynamic career option available to you, you are expected to work accordingly. From morning to morning (yeah, from 9 am to 4 am) you just forget the existing nature, your love of music, everything. You start preparing to compete against the humongous crowd of students working equally hard to crack CLAT. At first, the routine is tiring and frustrating but then, it’s exciting and you get so addicted to the “gaining knowledge” thing that you actually become the chatter box of information. You become desperate to know anything and everything and the phase is addictive!

Well, that happened with me. 40 days and more than 45,000 competitors! But I managed. And on the day of the result, with a fast beating/throbbing heart, I was looking at the loading bar…just a couple of seconds and the fog of doubts would be cleared. National University of Study and Research in Law, Ranchi! Okay! I cleared CLAT but I got a comparatively new university which was not so “established”. I hesitated to accept this college. But then an NLU is an NLU after all. The tag matters, right? I accepted what fate had presented me with, and as I moved to Ranchi, I fell in love with the weather the clouds, the “kabhi bhi ho sakti hai” rain, the clear sky shimmering with stars at night…this place was lovely!

But the real thing was the college. Was it worth it? Was all that pain and hard work worth it? Questions.

Unanswered, terrifying questions.

But it didn’t take much to give it a good try. I started my journey of “kaun hu mai kiski mujhe talaashhh…”.

But from the very first day this place mesmerised me. The subjects were fun (especially those tort cases). We started that “Don’t you dare..I’ll sue you for it” thing. And I got this wonderful family of five insanely insane people with their own short-temperedness, extreme calmness, charming childishness, sweet sophistication-“ness” and creative leadership-“ness”! It is impossible to survive in a law school with all these CATs and CREs and extremely fantastic fests and assignments and never ending projects, until and unless you have your “star parivaar ” with you. These people make your life no less than any Bollywood movie you can think of!

Talking about the college, well, the first question that we faced was “why law” which is yet to be honestly answered. The faculty here is another reason why a crazy girl like me is doing this mind-boggling course. But it’s really fun! To attend Sahoo Sir’s class and let your mind discover a new dimension and a brand new angle to look at things. To attend Subir Sir’s lectures and enjoy the cases and the “damnum sine injuria” “ubi jus ibi remedium” “novas actus intervene” etc strangely named cool theories and concepts. Contracts was good with Utkarsh Sir and his “clear it all, have no confusion” lectures. His MCQ-wale CATs were everyone’s nightmare at the beginning but the more we attended the lectures, the easier they become! Political Science was the “Rajdhani” lecture where you can’t let your mind wander here and there…you need to listen to Ekta Ma’am with full concentration or you have to just raise your hand and she’ll realise that again she was going too fast. But we loved her lectures. They were fast but not furious. The debates that we had when she started that feminist wale lectures. It was the best possible political theory class you could attend. And last but not the least, our favourite, Akshaya Ma’am. Those English lectures were too much fun. The last lecture of the day, but you would get so refreshed that you could have an evening session of studies without your 20 min nap!

The huge campus allows you to take a lot of fresh air and enjoy the wind that makes your mind wander into the infinities of thought and expression. Although here they don’t have the campus fully developed, but whatever we have is worth enjoying and devouring.

And the parties and fests! Any law school is incomplete without these two quintessential (much needed) parties and fests. Yuventas’15 was one such grand event where the 90’s era of Bollywood was back as the theme was “dasak 90”. The “dhak dhak ” and “chal chaiyan chaiyan” dance performance to the quawaali and the fashion was incredible and amazing with a teaspoon of spicy sports events and a pinch of competitions like “antaakshari”, “sawaar lo”, “rangoli making”, “pot decoration” and what not! It was as if you have travelled back in time to enjoy a live performance of “uss zamaane k kalaakaar ”!

Overall, this life, this extremely busy, beautiful life is awesome! The law schools are no doubt, a different world. You get opportunities and you discover yourself and develop your personality and then you realize one day “Oh! I have changed! I look better, more confident, more independent!” and you know whom to give the credit!!

Places were and will always fascinate young minds

We the curious creatures are in search of a world that only we can define!

But I say that the world presently I’m in

Can’t be better or worse

For I have achieved and I have learned

To live life and not define it…”

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