NLU, Jodhpur

Life Goes On: NLU, Jodhpur

This article was submitted to Ergo by Rajat Sharma, a first-year at the NLU, Jodhpur. A keen MUNer, and an avid traveler, Rajat dares to Zlatan.

When I sat down to write this article for Ergo, all I thought about was how badly I write. But, thanks to this friend of mine who constantly motivated me and told me that I have to do nothing but narrate my experiences and feelings with regard to college and life at college, I’ve persisted through. This piece of writing might not be one of the better ones but this is all I could do.

When I cleared CLAT after diligently preparing for a year, I had a mistaken belief that life will be simpler after getting into college. I am not to be blamed here, most of us thought the same thing. I hail from Jaipur, Rajasthan and one of the main reasons for choosing NLUJ amongst other options was that I get to stay nearer to home. First thoughts about the college were amazing. I was one of those who watched the NH-65 AFTERMOVIE a hell lot of times before coming to college and thinking ”WOAH, college life is going to be amazing”. (NH-65 is our Cultural and Literary Fest). Further, the urge to live in a 55-acre campus that provides individual rooms in hostels (something we brag about) was too much an incentive. Soon after coming to college, we met our very helpful seniors who positively interacted with us and gave us an insight of what NLUJ and life at NLUJ is in the process. But, life at law school had just begun. Our Course Curriculum at NLU was the first thing that struck like a lightning on our heads. We have the pleasure of taking 4 continuous assessments in a semester, alongwith mid-terms, end-terms and other submissions. To add a cherry to this cake, we have our very own CRE’s (Court Room Exercises which are like mini moots, required to be done for all law subjects).

Call it settling down or experimenting with life at college, all I ended up doing in the initial few months was getting frustrated over rejection and failed expectations. I think the only reason why it took me more than a semester to finally settle in this college is my ability to keep thinking a lot over things that do not matter. Initially, I kept thinking over an irreversible decision, I myself took while choosing colleges. Then, I kept thinking over opportunities missed (Yes, I missed the chance to be an Aditya Birla Scholar). Moreover, that feeling when you think that you don’t have friends in college, coupled with you missing your old friends was been always with me during last semester. Because of all this drama, going on in my life, I ended up with what I think is a not-so-good CGPA.

The good thing is that I have been trying to adjust and not over-think, since then and I understood that keeping yourself positive about your life at law school is the mantra to a happy life here. The only decent thing that made me happy last semester was getting a moot that just got over and provided me with a good experience and an insight into mooting. (Just to mention here, MOOTING IS WHAT WE LOVE THE MOST HERE at NLUJ, and our MPL Rank suggests the same, thanks to some really great senior mooters who have set high standards).

Now, to provide the readers with a little insight about our campus life, we have two fests, NH-65, which I mentioned earlier and Yuvardha which is the sports fest. Further, we have a great Cultural Committee that never allows the campus to get dull by organizing a lot of events which keeps the campus buzzed with music and joy all the time. Also, OTR and SDL keep our pockets empty but they do help us in living a great college life. (OTR and SDL and the two party spots most loved by people in college). Be it any event, PCC is something that makes all of us respect good food, as it is our saviour when we are tired of eating multi-choice based mess food.

I realized it only after a semester, that Law School does not only teach us law, but it teaches us how to live,  love and be a better person. It was just a matter of time that THIS university became MY college. For the coming four and a half years, this place is home. After all the initial emotional backdrops,  I had after coming here, I can definitely say that this place has given me the courage to handle situations and has made me a better person. It has taught me to not get frustrated over hurdles, but to work till the hurdles die down. In this small journey in law school, I think I made some really good friends and lost some too but then, life goes on.

To conclude, I will just reiterate what my good friends Kartikeya & Krishnan have previously affirmed, ”This place has its quirks, just like any other place. But it’s a place we call home now. Who are we now? We’re NLUJ. We work hard, we party harder. To summarise- NL-who? NL-U”.

P.S.: I would like to thank Shivangi Bajpai for constantly motivating me to write this small piece of writing. Also, thanks KK & Kichu for the last few lines. 🙂

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