Dead or Alive: WBNUJS


Tanusmita Ghosal

Tanusmita Ghosal is currently a first year in WBNUJS. She likes watching football and is a Chelsea fan. Apart from that, she has generic mainstream interests, like music, reading and travelling.


I had spent a year in NLUO prior to CLAT 2015, so when I walked into NUJS on 29th of June last year, I was pretty sure, I knew how law school worked.

Or so I thought.

My image of law school was one where you get the whole year to relax, as long as you find a little while to do your thing and not get an abysmal GPA. But two weeks into NUJS, and I knew I had to start from scratch.

As soon as I started attending classes, I realized, this place meant business. By that, I don’t mean that we would have to pay attention in every class and write down every word a teacher says. We probably do not listen to even a word half the teachers say. What I mean is, in a batch of 125, you will definitely struggle to hold your ground. It is indeed refreshing how smart and dedicated most people in NUJS are, but it is also just as suffocating to know that one exam you mess up a tiny bit, and your batch rank can go from pretty awesome to pretty shit. Thanks to this, you soon have an identity in college which comprises completely of your GPA, mooting achievements, debating abilities and paper publications. And one after the other, we all fall prey to it. It is true that there are a bunch of people who tend to only enjoy themselves and not really put in an effort at all. But by the end of it, nobody wants to be them, not even they themselves.

Let’s be honest though, NUJS is also probably the most chilled out law school you will find. We function on a non-existent curfew and unlike most places, do not have a bar on what kind of clothing we wear to class. There is always something fun going on in college- be it Interbatch football, or dance, Lohri celebrations or the biggest, OUTLAWED. The ‘positive interaction’ is probably the most fun thing in the first few weeks of college, and seniors are mostly extremely fun and welcoming. You have free access to all sorts of intoxicants, not saying whether it is right or wrong, and if you want to experience a mini rave party, I am sure there is at least one room in each hostel that you can go to every night (Again, I reserve my right to gauge the appropriateness of the same) .

At first you think, why the dichotomy?

Why so lenient and yet so stressful? Soon you realize, that is the real test at NUJS. This place will put you through all the pressure in the world, but also give you the opportunity to exercise freedom like never before. It is you, who has to balance the two; for that is the only way you can excel here. You learn to respect the people who manage to party it up and yet win a huge moot. You learn to look up to people who dance like goddesses but still churn out the best GPAs. Your role models are no longer the nerds who study impossible hours, but the real all-rounders, who manage it all at once.

It has been almost a year now and as much as I hate this place, I am glad I am at NUJS and nowhere else. For all the nervous breakdowns and impossible deadlines I have had, I have made a bunch of great friends. As much as you want to go home every vacation, you start missing it the moment you leave. For the majority of the year, NUJS will kill you. But you will learn to love it for the few moments it helps you feel happy and alive.

The real question still, being: Dead or Alive?

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One thought on “Dead or Alive: WBNUJS

  1. Just got allotted NUJS. This blog post left me with a pit of stomach dread, with hints of nervous excitement. So glad I found this blog. Had been trawling through Quora and Reddit for days. Thank you!

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