Rohit Dhalaria

This post was submitted to Ergo by Rohit Dhalaria, a first-year at the WBNUJS. Hailing from Delhi, he loves watching football and is a Manchester United fan. He also enjoys humming to jazz music.


My mother made me check my CLAT result via three different browsers (yes, Internet Explorer was one of them) before she could actually believe that I had made it to NUJS. I myself had not really absorbed the fact that I was going to a top tier National Law School, as I was asked to pack my bags. Here I was buckled into a 5 year-long roller coaster called “Law School”. For a guy who had never lived away from home, I could say that the roller coaster ride began with a big jolt. A small room with two strangers whom I had to live with, for almost 24 hours of the day, was initially a great struggle for me and the positive interaction sessions, which went on till 4 a.m., made it even more difficult.

The first month passed in the night long conversations with people from places that I hadn’t even heard of and in library for some of us who were crazy for this new bird called law. Gradually those strangers became friends and people on the other side of the positive interaction became people to whom I now look up to.

Soon the positive interaction was done with and the law school race had really begun, race for getting into university teams of mooting and debating, race for reading all the cases (nah, not really) and finally the race to be recognized in this college.

There were all-rounders who had won this race and then there were people who had not even started running and I was stuck somewhere near the start line. I realized that whatever activity I thought I was good at when I was in school, was one I sucked at in law school..

Days went by with cricket in the evening and ‘cha’ (I tried the Bengali accent) at the shack. Well, I had not even realized what had happened in the past 3 months and there were end-semester exams staring me right in the face. I could see the library flooded with people and tension on the faces of few. The exams got over and soon after them, came the “What’s your CGPA?” season.

AUTHOR’S TIP: Never ask someone’s GPA when you yourself have a low grade.

Well, as they say that time flies (In law school, it literally does) and I was in my second semester. By now I had settled in and given up on the race and also found a few other people who had done the same (I like to call them friends.) I had seen Kolkata around and by now I was also regular customer of mashii at the shack. And now that, the first year of my law school life is coming to an end, Mashi has become an integral part of it.

The year has been full of crazy after parties (that’s more or less what NUJS is about. Kidding.)

I saw a match at Salt Lake Stadium, played a match at Salt Lake Stadium (okay, I didn’t play because I was a substitute), made friends, picked up fights, ran for last minute submissions but the most important of all, I lived, despite all the pressure.

Lastly, I have written this article, because Shivangi Bajpai almost made it a point that I write. And, no, I don’t hate her for that. Thanks for making me write my first article on a public space.

I would also thank my friends who gave up on the race to be the best and sat with me in the midst of the track to make me live.

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