Musings Of An Over-Caffeinated Law Student: GNLU

This article was submitted to us by Meghana Rao, a second year student at Gujarat National Law University. 

As my mid-semester exams draw to a close, I’m sitting up on my bed curled up with my steaming hot cup of tea and reminiscing about my time at Gujarat National Law University, Gandhinagar. GNLU has morphed itself into something I cherish because it taught me so many things, things far beyond those I can learn in the textbook.

As a fourth semester law student, I look back at my time at this place and I can’t help but smile. I remember my first day here, I was terrified of being flung into this hyper-competitive environment away from home (My family is in Ahmedabad, about 30 kilometers from Gandhinagar but you get the drift, right?), that being said I went home nearly every weekend. I cherished the comfort of my old bed and the hot food my mom served. The mess food made me miss my mom’s cooking. Although, Sunday breakfast of Masala Dosa and Sambhar were and continue to be absolute gold.

But soon, my room at the hostel began to feel more like home than my home right here. It became my safe haven. I’ve spent hours cramming before a paper, DIY projects that pretty much make me laugh loud, even today (Vedi, I’m looking at you here) and above all, getting to know people who, I would later find out, are some of the most inspiring people I’ve ever met. I’m not going to feed you cheesy and super bright texted Facebook posts about how “the girl you just called fat is starving herself”, but I will tell you this – everyone you meet will have a personality, one that you might not necessarily like but you will learn to admire. Each student in my batch of 190 odd people is inspiring and so motivated to achieve their goals. You will meet people who want to edit films to those who someday wish to stand for the elections and those crazy ones, are actually those who really make it here. Hard-work aside, everyone puts in the hours here at GNLU, but the people who actually make it are those with passion and passion so consuming, you can’t help but admire.

It is an extremely stressful environment but chilling with your friends in the night mess or Hoggers Den is one that I won’t trade for the world. Over steaming hot cups of chai and Parathas, I’ve discussed my view on the death penalty to which Kardashian sister is most annoying. It’s a place designed to make sure that you’re tested at every given moment. Classes start at 9am and end at 2pm which gives you pretty much the entire day to do whatever you wish. Some people (unlike me) join centers and research on issues of their liking, others join committees, which I assure you, GNLU has a plethora of and then there are people like me, who usually dream away or spend hours reading on issues of their choice.

This college has a place for everyone and honestly, made me feel like it’s okay to be a little weird because everyone is a little weird. It made me sharpen my skills and made me more tolerant to more kinds of people. It opened my eyes to an array of possibilities on the horizon, within my reach and made me realize my flaws. It taught me to be a better individual and for that, I’m grateful.

GNLU made me laugh at my mistakes, I was at my worst and I was at my best and I’m sure there are experiences I still haven’t had yet. I can tell you this for sure though; I’m immensely excited for what’s yet to come.

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