Letter from the Editor: March, 2016

Statistics are good. They allow us to compare, to evaluate, to make sense of information. WordPress allows us to look at statistics directly, and that’s how we can see that we are nearing 11,000 views on Ergo.

What started out as an idea a few months ago has definitely reached more people than we expected. And along with being pleasantly surprised, hopeful and proud, we are incredibly thankful. Thank you for sharing, for reading, for writing. You make our job on the team, and my job, in particular one of the best things to be involved in.

And while I thank you for the numbers, what I find most heartening is that the Ergo community believes in more than numbers. This has allowed us to go beyond looking at a law school on the basis of rankings, placements and other traditional modes of assessment. Instead, we’re looking at the experience of higher education through words, stories, thoughts and memories which in my opinion last long after the numbers are gone.

While Ergo has turned into the constructive forum that we intended it to be, it has also become something beautiful- a place where people are interacting across barriers, breaking stereotypes, encouraging each other to make mistakes and quite simply put, being unapologetically themselves.

Together we are creating a place for the anonymous and for the vocal, for seniors and juniors, for alumni and for 12th graders. And somehow at the same time, we are both a part of something big, as well something truly intimate, where each story matters. Where we are looking out into the future one day at a time.

I can’t wait for more.

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