Symbiosis Law School, Pune

Knowledge is Supreme: Symbiosis Law School, Pune

This article was submitted to Ergo by Harsh Gupta, a first-year at the Symbiosis Law School, Pune.

College is nothing we ever expect it to be. It will never be. For two reasons: Number one: We watch Bollywood; Number two: Every single person takes away something different from college. Being one of the few colleges I wanted to study in, I am personally quite satisfied with the fact that I am in Symbiosis Law School, Pune. My father will only smile and tell me if you worked hard enough, you would have cracked CLAT. But I am not here to tell you what could have happened, but what did end up happening in the end, and the consequences thereof.

Personally speaking, life at Symbiosis Law School, Pune at least according to me is quite different from all other colleges. While it may also be considered to be a shortcoming by most parents, I believe otherwise. The fact that boys do not have a hostel, means that we need to look for flats or take up a Paying Guest Accommodation and it is for this very reason parents are scared to send their sons to Symbiosis because they are not sure how their son will be able to deal with day to day problems of living in a house and handling one. Fair enough. But is that reason enough to not send your children to Symbiosis? No.

It is a very different yet unique phase in your life. I am not going to deny that one will take time to adjust to this change, though I can ensure that in the long run it is a very enjoyable experience in the long run. Firstly, since everyone wants to live close to college it is very likely that the society you end up staying is like a student community where tons of people from your college live. You end up interacting with not just your own batch-mates but your seniors as well as a result of which, one thing Symbiosis can boast of is a truly well-knit student body. Apart from this, there are the occasional advantages of not having to take your friends out on your birthday, and just invite them over instead and save a ton of money. You also realise that the ‘mehengai’ your mom talks about is real. To run a house, you essentially need three things- a mobile phone with an internet connection, a competent roommate and the most important, your best friend  aka the watchman. With the three of these sorted, you shall overcome all difficulties without much worry.

Having taken care of accommodation, it’s about time we proceed to the college life itself.

Flashback to July 2015, the beginning of Semester 1. I was a typical arrogant, youngster who was proud of being from Bangalore and even more proud about the school he studied in.

Right at the beginning of Semester 1, we are introduced to the world of mooting, where only the Top 30 in the entire batch are allotted moots during the course of the First Year. . It takes only one month for you to realize that competition is intense and everyone wants to be the best in their batch. Coupled with this, people are festing, interviewing for various cells from Legal Aid, to the Pune Chapter of the International Law Students Association (ILSA), to tons of other cells like the Human Rights Cell, or the Parliamentary Debate and Mock Parliament Association. There is enough for one to suit his need; all that is needed on your part is initiative.

Another big advantage of SLS, is the diverse crowd that studies along with you. You will have people from all over India in your batch. While, it may be a culture shock for most people, it is something that worked in my favour by virtue of the fact that I was a North Indian living in South India.

The course is well framed. Two important subjects in the first semester are Torts and Jurisprudence and in the second are torts and Contracts. The other subjects may vary depending upon whether you are a B.A.L.L.B student or a B.B.A.L.L.B student. The faculty, for the law subjects are good and attending classes regularly ensures that you have a good grasp of the subjects.

Easily one of the nicest things about Symbiosis is the seniors. I personally, have benefitted a lot because of them. They are always willing to help you and are good company as well. They know what comes in your papers, and teach you methods of scamming attendance from Professors. And give you notes, and books.

All in all, I feel it has been a good first year for me. What it has taught me is that we need to make our college life ourselves. What we are in college, what we achieve, whatever we want to learn and experience, the initiative should come from within because college is something where everyone is focused on improving their CV so that they land that Amarchand or Trilegal job. And most importantly, one year in law school teaches you that each and every shortcut that you take, is only increasing your chances of failing in the long run. Knowledge is supreme, the faster you get rid of the MUN mentality of faffing your way through, the better it is.

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One thought on “Knowledge is Supreme: Symbiosis Law School, Pune

  1. Thanks Harsh for giving an insider’s view about Symbiosis as a first year student. As a parent, I echo your thoughts on allowing our kids to stay independently, you have captured our concern well. Also, I liked your last line – MUN faffing – so true 🙂

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