A Reality Check: NALSAR, Hyderabad

This article was submitted to Ergo by Srija Kumar, a first-year student at the NALSAR, Hyderabad. Share your law school experience with us at 

20th May, 2015 somewhere around 6 a.m. in the morning, my eyes open to the numerous messages on my phone which said that the CLAT results were out. Many of my friends had seen the result already and were eager to know mine. I was like, “Wait. Weren’t the results supposed to be out at around 5 in the evening?” At least that’s what the official website said. Brushing all these thoughts aside, I stumbled out of my bed to get my laptop. And despite my frequent attempts I was unable to see my results due to some technical reasons. At the back of my mind I was like, “Maybe the results are that awful that even my laptop refuses to display it”. But after struggling for a while, finally the moment came. The website opened and my fate revealed itself in front of my eyes. NALSAR University of Law it was for the next five years. It was a surreal moment, a moment that certainly can’t be put into words, a moment which rolled down my cheeks as tears, the moment when my dream to study in the premier law school of the country turned into a reality. And this is how NALSAR happened to me.

Almost a year at this place and so much has changed from the day I stepped into this University. If I ever have to define any moment as the life changing moment of my life, then getting through NALSAR is definitely that one moment. Reflecting on the time I’ve spent here, the growing realization dawned on me that I’ve learnt so much from this place in this short span of time. When I entered this university I was a naïve, a nonchalant teenager who knew nothing of the real world. I remember that when I came here, I didn’t even know how to do my laundry on my own and was dependent on my mother for every little thing but now law school has made me tough enough to manage all my own chores easily.

Surely like many others the initial phase of joining the college marks the crumbling of the whiff of over confidence that most of us unknowingly tend to carry because of having made it to the top law school of the country. Gradually you understand that there are better and more talented people than you here. Merely clearing CLAT with a decent rank doesn’t mark the end of your struggle. In fact, if anything, it marks the beginning of it. It is an irrefutable fact that like any other law school you have to really slog your heart out to get noticed here amidst a crowd of some incredibly talented people( for good reasons of course :P)  And the popular misconception that once you get into the best law school, life becomes just a bed of roses is a farce.  Along with the prestige of studying in such a reputed college, comes the haunting pressure to maintain the college’s reputation .This pressure at times can be demoralizing but I believe there is a silver lining to this too. This pressure helps to bring out the best in you. When you see people around you toiling all day and night long, you naturally tend to challenge yourself and push your limits. This is a remarkable change I think almost everyone who comes here witnesses, you constantly strive to become better. This pressure, if taken constructively can help you become better.

There are some other innovative skills too that you learn here along with handling pressure. Starting from the most innovative skills, I learnt how to attend a lecture at 9 am even after getting up at 8.50 a.m. I learnt how to start typing a 2000 word project just a few hours before the deadline and still manage to finish it on time. I learnt how to sleep in a monotonous class with your eyes open. It’s a real achievement, I tell you. And above all, I learnt how to live life on my own terms and conditions. Learning not to give a damn and believing in oneself is the quick recipe to happiness at this place that can turn out to be gloomy at times owing to the fierce competition here.

Apart from the monstrous pressure here, you do have recreational recourses like the various regional fests like the Awadh Magadh, South Indian , Telugu, Lohri and the Rajasthani fest where you get a taste of different cultures. You revel in the food and culture of diverse regions. The zeal and the zest of the people are to be seen during these fests. One of the most adorable things about this place is that  it celebrates diversity to the core, you learn to appreciate diverse cultures. Not to miss out in the list is our very own inter-batch college fest, Carpe Diem. Those three days of Carpe Diem on campus are truly the days to die for. It’s like a true carnival where everyone is in a celebratory mood. You gel with people more than ever and it’s the batch spirit which induces you to give your best in whatever event you participate during the fest to get your batch the maximum points.

So apart from its share of pressure and pleasure, this place has a sort of enigma that would make you fall in love with it. The strolls on the flag road in the evening beneath the dim light and breezy weather turn out to be an instant rejuvenator. The alluring beauty of the nature around you is such that it would take your breath away. Indeed NALSAR to me has been an ethereal enriching experience so far. I’m looking forward to the further semesters with greater alacrity.

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