One Year On: NALSAR

This article was submitted to us from the City of Pearls by Namratha Murugeshan, a first-year at NALSAR, an avid reader & a lover of art. 

So there is only one month left for what would be the completion of one year at NALSAR. Perhaps nothing sums up this feeling like a cliché on how quickly time passes by.

This has been quite a busy one (not that I have much to compare it against), with a lot of events and fests happening that always manages to keep you occupied. As opposed to popular belief, law school is not all about debates, moots and writing papers, it is about doing all this and still managing to have a life. I guess it all lies in enjoying the process. And when you are not doing any of the above, you can sit back and relax for however a short period that is.

This semester has been quite eventful. We had most of our cultural fests that took quite an effort to put up and was extremely fun to be a part of too. We had sports events going on, quizzes, debates and everything else that you expect to be a part. The fun things. While all this was going on we also had our mid-semester exams which considerably sucked the joy out of things for a week. Apart from the having to stare at your laptop and books for almost 8 hours every day, when you learn to manage your time better law school can be a great place. Given how you get to spend time with your peers for the whole day, there is a lot you can do.

As the time I spend here increases, the more I realize how much as a person I have been able to grow in not only being able to do things but rather exploring facets of myself which I had not particularly known about earlier. I guess it is all about getting out of your comfort zone and getting it out there. I guess that’s what this whole year has been about, a lot of changes and a lot of new things that haven’t been experienced before. The same time last year was filled with anticipation and trepidation over choices that were being made. Over the year, I have perhaps embraced the same in a more accommodating after realizing how exciting yet stirring change can be and what it can do to you. I suppose it is more about keeping an open mind about how things work and also perceiving them in a more accepting manner helps to not only get used to them but also enjoy the same.

Half a decade in a college is a pretty long time but when you are doing so many things, learning so many things, exploring new aspects about a lot of objects, it doesn’t seem so long, in fact, it almost feels like it may all be over in the blink of an eye. It is hard to put into words the weight of human experiences and even harder to explain one’s own perception of these experiences to others. I wouldn’t want to elaborate on how the year went by mostly because it is one of “should have been” events which lose their essence when put into words.

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