Take Me Back: JGLS

This article was sent in to us by Akansha Rukhaiyar, a first-year at Jindal Global Law School (JGLS).

Hostel life was difficult, they said. It would make you miss things that you take for granted, like the fact that you can eat a proper meal at any time of the day, or that your contribution to getting your clothes cleaned is letting them pile up in the corner of your room. Perhaps, even that, you don’t have to make financial decisions every day. Most of all, it would mean not getting to rush to your mom in the middle of the night and hug her because you had a bad dream.

For all the pet owners out there, there is something more. Something equally painful – leaving their pets, in my case my 2 dogs, behind. Dramatic as it sounds, not being able to hug Bruno and Max everyday has been the most difficult thing to cope with, and 8 months into law school, there is still not a single day that I don’t wish they were curled up next to me while I study. I wish they were nestling against me right now while I sip on cold coffee and write this article.

Luckily for me, I do see them every other weekend, but that is not even remotely enough. I feel like I am missing out on their moments. My mom keeps telling me what they are up to. Bruno crawled under the cooler yesterday. Max got a bath. Both of them went to the vet to get their vaccines and Bruno was really scared. I want to be there for all these moments.

My 11 year old Labrador, is the ball of fluff who would always make me feel warm and cozy after a long difficult day with his generous licks and hugs, and my 6 year old Rottweiler, would make me feel fat and slow with his rambunctious energy. The first thing I do when I call up my mom is ask about them. Did they eat? Are they feeling too hot? Do they miss me? The last question always leaves me sad.

I wonder what they would say if they could actually formulate human words. They would probably be mad at their human for living somewhere else and showing their face only a few times a month. They would probably wonder if they did something wrong. They would hate me if they knew I spend my free weekday evenings hanging out on the main lawn with Rambo and Alan. My mom thinks I overthink about this. But how can I not? I remember last semester, Bruno fell sick during my exams and my mom did not tell me till they ended. That made me think. What would Bruno now think of me? Someone who would stay up till 4am to feed him medicines and console him is now not even there and does not even know when he is puking. The day I brought them home, when I was 7, and then 12, I would never have imagined I would voluntarily choose to stay away from them for 5 years.

For pet owners, their bundles of cuteness mean the world to them. Staying away from them is unbearable. But we humans do it anyways. I don’t know if that makes us strong or stupid. All I know is that I would do anything to just take a cab+metro+car (yes, it takes me 3 phases of transport to reach home) and just hug them right now. Gosh, I miss them.

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