About Sickness & Sore Throats: JGLS

This article was sent in to us by Akansha Rukhaiyar, a second-year at Jindal Global Law School (JGLS).

It has been a rough week. By rough, I wish I meant because of a grueling internship. But no, a weekend of weddings and engagement ceremonies followed by multiple Pokemon Go expeditions have taken a toll on me (especially my feet, thank you so much six inch heels and remote Pokestops)

Add to that the weird bipolar Delhi weather, sickness was imminent.

A couple of days of embracing the constant care and attention while I feel like a freezing shriveled wreck has made me realize something that I often thought about in passing in my first year in law school, but it hadn’t dawned on me up until now, as I write my article, bundled up like a warm potato on my cozy bed. I wonder how I would be managing in college right now, on my rickety bunk bed with one stray bottle of Nutella.

This might sound very selfish, but all of us have thought it at least once since we started living in a hostel – You miss home the most when you are unwell. Whether it is the special meal that you always get made when you are sick, or the warm hugs you get from your dogs who wouldn’t mind cuddling with a germ bag like you; these are the tiny things that just speed the recovery process and you just miss it so much in college.

In JGU, I have fallen sick a significant number of times, along with many others, because of an actual epidemic that prompted hundreds of students to flock to the health center, which trust me, is the last place you want to be in, with its depressing décor, uncomfortable beds and pillows with questionably clean covers. The mess food easily passes off as drab hospital food and the nurses suspiciously push the same medicines for a variety of health problems, right from a fever to a sprain and a sore throat.

Having said that, from the first time I got sick in college when I fled home in pajamas and a tissue box in hand to now, when I happily call JGU my home, sick days have become better, and my ever-panicky mother lives peacefully with the knowledge that I have enough people around to look after me, who will make sure I cannot get my hands on a chilled can of coke and that I won’t binge on spicy biryani when I am supposed to be eating bland food, but they will still bring me a pizza slice if I play my puppy dog eyes right.

Honestly, the funniest (in a sad way) thing is when you and your roommate get sick together and give company to each other wearing sweatshirts while binge watching some old show while everyone is outside, taking their functional nose for granted.  It has happened way too many times, and you suddenly feel the reality of bioterrorism as you single handedly make 10 people in your class unwell, who in turn dutifully spread it around, along with their class notes.

College starts in two weeks, and I know soon I will find myself writing yet another article, this time huddled in my tiny bed in hostel and holding onto a bowl of unidentifiable yellow blob (read: khichdi), what with my subpar immunity system and general inclination to all things unhealthy.

Till then, I will just indulge my sore throat with delicious homemade soup, thank you mom.

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