I’m Being Harrassed At Home: NLU-O

This article was submitted to Ergo by an anonymous author from the National Law University, Odisha.

A part of me with better judgement dictates that I don’t get this piece published. But, taking a cue from the hostel authorities in my college I’ll let my whims and fancies drive me.

Any sensible adult may at this point question why I have a problem with room checking in the girls’ hostel; after all we are under the guardianship of these authorities! Well, to be really clear, we here are not a bunch of rebels who want to radically change conventional college rules and regulations, but the law student in us demands an end to arbitrary actions.

As one of us say- “Get accused of smoking even if it’s just a Mortein coil and you’re an established smoker.”

Labelling any sort of smoke as cigarette smoke, be it a mosquito coil, fast card or even agarbatti smoke is beyond our ideas of right and wrong. Guards sneaking around the campus to put their smartphones to use and click pictures of persons of opposite gender talking to each other are beyond our ideas of morality and immorality. Trying to talk to authorities and being met with allegations of unlawful assembly is beyond our ideas of the Indian Penal Code. A room check in the girls’ hostel, but never in the boys’ hostel is beyond our ideas of gender equality.

Do I sound seditious now? Well, then maybe the relevant authorities may take some lessons from the IPC “know-all” and realise that the charge of sedition really does need a newer interpretation.

We are all “nobodies here, living off our parents’ money” and that gives these established educationists the right to bash our dignity, disturb our mental tranquillity and treat us like scum. You know something is definitely wrong with a university when the university itself calls you unemployable. The question of competency is on whom, us or you, as a university? You know something is wrong with the system when there are innumerable anti-ragging laws, despite which a first year comes crying to you because she was woken up in the middle of the night by the wardens and accused of smoking, all because she possessed a lighter.

Policing the dress code of women students on the pretext of women safety is put on a high pedestal. But oh, forcibly shifting the girls to the boys’ hostel, sealing them off from natural air and light in dingy corridors, jailed within plywood is so in sync with our rights of natural justice. Extracting forced testimonies, or guaranteeing that our “parents will cry” is definitely not coercion. IPC much? Being summoned to the Chief Wardens office to “voice our grievances” and then every question being met with a robust “no”. Healthy discussion much?

Hardened criminals in our country aren’t checked without following the criminal procedure code, but here we are, law students being harassed and followed around by sniffer dogs in our “homes”. Our rooms are being barged into, our wardrobes being stripped without permission, our juniors being told to stay away from us to “preserve their goodness”, our parents (who live in different states, mostly) being called to inform how their child is supporting the use of intoxicants. We are living under the glare of constant suspicion, looks of disgust being thrown on our way, defamed, our individual dignity being made a joke of.

So much for the sake of digging out the “evil” at the end of a cigarette.

So this place is supposedly my home? Well, I’m being harassed at home.

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2 thoughts on “I’m Being Harrassed At Home: NLU-O

  1. Hi. I am myself a graduate from NLUO and let me tell you that I totally understand your genuine concerns. You have to understand that voicing your grievance is the first part of the struggle but finding a solution is the underlying challenge. In my experience and opinion the way forward from this tumultuous and complex situation is through organising popular support amongst all the student community. Unless and until there is a student community which is willing to tackle the situation through peaceful dialogue the situation is bound to remain the same. Student Organisations like the Students Council (established in 2015) It is important that you organise meetings, write about the situation and also, offer solutions. I hope this helps.


  2. Hey there, in addition to what Justin just wrote, i would like to draw your attention that its high time NLUO makes up a powerful and democratic Student Assn. not the ones selected by teachers and are toothless. I am going to give one time panacea but i really doubt how much you guys would care to value it because thats the way NLUO is going to get better with its administration. YOU must make efforts for formation of a School review Committee which should be setup in every 5years. (as per NLUO Act, 2009) Please read the act carefully you will find atleast couple of provisons which will help you challenge decisions of Univ.
    Administration atleast with respect to rustication and debarring you from exams. The provision is there in the act but i want those who can write this letter to look up in the act and demand for setting up of a Univ. Review Commission setup by visitior, mind you its a statutory duty of the visitor and since so much happens in NLUO the vested interests will never let you know that such a thing actually exists and may provide long and systemic solutions to studen grievances. To know what such a high powered commission can do then please go through this report

    Please download NLUO act from or manupatra or whatever resource you like but do read it and understand how your legal rights have been violated by the NLUO admin itself cos they dont go by the Act.
    Im not in mood to type so please ignore typos.


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