ILS, Pune

Lasting Impressions: ILS, Pune

This article was submitted to Ergo by Sumedha Kuraparthy, who presently studies in her second year at the ILS, Pune

Nearly a year ago, I first stepped into ILS, past its worn-out gates, with the decades’ old edifice looming large at the very entrance, very conscious of the voice in my head telling me that “this is a place I can feel completely at home”. My gut feeling was that I would end up here, despite having been awaiting the word on a host of other college applications.

That, I did. And I couldn’t be more pleased with how things panned out.

The campus is lush green (and for once, that is an understatement). The administrative block which also houses the two storied library, the building where lectures are held and the boys’, as well as the girls’ hostels, are dispersed over a small area bordered at the back by a small hillock, the ILS Hill. Irrespective of where one is within the campus, you would be situated right in the lap of nature.

My impression on walking about the campus for the first time was amazement at how wildly beautiful it was. That amazement has not diminished since.

Contrary to what I was expecting, seniors at ILS are extremely affectionate and vastly helpful. From our silly doubts about the college to the much-needed help in our first moot, they will never let you feel helpless if they can help it.

We get to meet diverse people from all over the country, from all walks of life which expands our hitherto narrow worldview considerably. We learn to cope with people espousing different views from our own for having lived with each other at such close quarters (if one lives in a hostel, that is).

Coming to the hostel, I personally think it is not as bad as some claim. In fact, it is quite good. We are provided with decent food and all the required amenities. If, however, one does not like the food then the alternatives are numerous as the college is situated right in the centre of the city.

Unfortunately, the same cannot be said for the boys’ hostel. The boys do not have it as good as us girls.

Most importantly, the education provided, the opportunities available and the manner in which the institution keeps its students occupied for half a decade of their lives constitute its essence.

Lectures at ILS are minimal. They start off at three hours per day with a steady increase over the years, but in all circumstances, they end before noon. While this may sound like a perfect opportunity to be dormant, it is not. There are myriad other activities to keep us occupied, conditional to one being self-motivated.

To survive and thrive in ILS, one has to be self-driven. If you are not, then you have to learn to be.

That is one of the things that makes me very partial to this college. The ample opportunities that it gives us to develop, grow and improve as a person, not just as a law student. This is where your passion truly shines.

I understand that this way of life may not entice everyone but it definitely is perfect for those like me. I longed to delve deeper into law and simultaneously grow as an individual, at my own pace, in my own way, not by being pushed in one direction but by being nudged towards finding my own path.

As one of our alumni once put, “if you study in ILS and still turn out to be a lawyer, then you really wanted to become one”. Despite its many shortcomings and a few disgruntled seniors, I cannot help but love my college.

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One thought on “Lasting Impressions: ILS, Pune

  1. Beautifully written.
    Loving these lines “I longed to delve deeper into law and simultaneously grow as an individual, at my own pace, in my own way, not by being pushed in one direction but by being nudged towards finding my own path.”


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