School of Law, Christ University

Back to School? : School of Law, Christ University

This post was sent in to Ergo by an anonymous student of the second year B.A.,LL.B. programme at the School of Law, Christ University.


I decided that I wanted to do law about a month before CLAT. I picked this stream on a whim as I didn’t want to do any of the commerce-related courses. I had no person guiding me as to which college to choose. Being a Bangalorean, a sensible option was going to Christ.

Christ is referred to by most students in the city as a school jail or a prison and sometimes a torture chamber.

It’s not as bad as a torture chamber or jail but I assure you, it is going back to school. Our timings are from 9:30 am to 3:30 pm (previously it was 9:00 to 4:00. A lot of begging by the students to the management got a one hour reduction). You’d think you’d be done with college by 1 pm or so and would have ample time to do what you like. Sorry to break your bubble, but by the time you’re done with college, you lack the enthusiasm to do anything or for that matter to read or study (a very important aspect of law school).

But if you do find the will to study, Christ has one of the best libraries which are extremely well-stocked. An entire floor is dedicated for law. You’ll find a number of books on any agenda you name. Christ also has an expansive collection on online databases. The well-stocked libraries and databases are a great aid to your learning and your researches (an integral part of learning law).

The best thing about SLCU is the infrastructure it provides its students with. The campus, buildings, classrooms, training tools and methods, libraries, IT services are state of the art.

The crowd here is great. But one thing I’ve observed is that this is not the typical college atmosphere you’d expect. The students merely come to college with the intention of passing out as quickly as they can. Everyone is merely counting their days here and the entire experience of having a “college life” is lacking here. The tedious college timings, the expansive portions and the management as are all detrimental to an enjoyable and memorable college life. The management will do everything in its power to help you achieve academic excellence but that’s where it stops. They couldn’t care less about the students and discipline and excellence are the only things that matter and discipline always comes first.

Apart from this, my time here is improving with every passing semester and Christ being one of the best private colleges provides you with a plethora of opportunities. Having learnt to adapt, Christ doesn’t seem that bad a decision as it did seem in my first few weeks here.

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