First Things First: GNLU

This article was submitted to Ergo by Simran Patel, presently a first-year at the Gujarat National Law University. Born in Bhopal, lived in Gurgaon, completed high school from Indore, but on her first visit to Gujarat in July 2016, even she didn’t know she’d be tied to the State for the next 5 years.

Before we move into the core of this article, a short preface. I never actually could sit with the intent of completing or adding to this article. I instead typed it on my cellphone’s memo on random occassions, at random locations (within GNLU) and at random times of the day.

To begin with, my first visit to GNLU was for admission formalities. This was also when i got to pick my hostel room and roommate. To my relief, a friend from Indore had also managed to make it to GNLU. I don’t know to what extent but that was somewhat a relief. Cut to my room. Never could i ever in the wildest of my imaginations picture myself there. It just seemed so alien. Those concrete unpainted buildings, those roads. All of them, so unfamiliar. I returned back home. College was to start about a week from then.
Depression had set in and I’m using the big word because the severity was such. Soon, it was 2 days to the start and then came the fourth allotment list by virtue of which the same friend magically got upgraded to NLIU Bhopal. That doubled the ‘depression’. Fueling equally to the stress, was the confusion between GNLU and another law school. And no matter how many pros and cons you weigh, the two options always look the same. So I resorted to “The jury room method” which essentially requires one to toss a coin but to never see the outcome. It’s because, when the coin is in the air for that half second, your heart shouts out, begging for either heads or tails. The jury room method, seeks to hear that voice from the heart and then come to a decision.
Even I don’t know how I gathered enough courage to be able to move myself to college. But I did. It was the first day in campus, I was arranging clothes in the new cupboard, when she walked in, wearing a denim shirt, tresses open, with a mixed expression, partly of excitement, partly of anxiety. I’m making it sound like a fairytale because this person indeed deserves the title of a fairy for her role in my stay at GNLU. It was none other than my incumbent roommate who eventually became one of my two constants here. College meant some major lifestyle changes. Breakfast stopped coming straight to me. Instead, I had to set alarms, wake myself up, take myself to breakfast to have it. Missing classes was no longer fun because it cost me attendance. Not to miss the huge impact it has on one’s pocket. The pain of paying for cab each time you travel, the destitute ‘end of the month’ conditions. There was no ‘family time’ but only ‘college time and lone time’.
Then ofcourse there were ground rules for the room. “You want to sleep, you make your bed”, “You throw it, you pick it up”, “You dirty it, you wash it”. Then there are other people who have been surrounded by the same circumstances, some have been through this for one year, some for two. Respectively, they are known as 2nd years, 3rd years and so on. All in all, seniors are good stuff. Looking at them, talking to them gives you a fair idea of what college will do to you in the course of time. Indeed, the biggest motivation to go on are the others who have chosen to live in the same sphere, so whenever there are low moments, you see the 100 others who can empathize, and dont feel low anymore.
Lastly, How could I miss the constant grind that law school subjects one to. The procrastinated burden of course completion before exams, the running on roads with laptop, getting that final draft memorial printed, submitting it on the last minute of the deadline. It’s mad how law school entails; besides every other kind of peer pressure; the peer pressure to perform and do better. I no longer give the law school feeling the status of a new thing to happen to me. It’s something I have accepted, fit myself into, also something I look forward to after this semester break. The hostel is my new home, the college friends are my new family, that atmosphere, those roads and unpainted buildings are my new neighbourhood… So far, so good.
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2 thoughts on “First Things First: GNLU

  1. Wow man, such beautiful expression of your emotions. But, trust me, you are lucky, you could at least make it to an institution as reputed as GNLU. Many others, including me, unfortunately could not. This grind that you are going through shall eventually make you smarter and wiser. Keep writing. Best wishes 🙂


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