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From O to J: NLU, Jodhpur

This post is written by Akhil Shandilya, a go-to, easy-going, hardworking, but all round fun guy. Presently a first-year at the NLU, Jodhpur, Akhil and Tejas crossed paths at NLU-Odisha, where they managed to order Dominos to the hostel in their second week together. 

As you enter through the doors of a law school you realise that your life will take you for a ride, possibly a one that you’ll enjoy. As fate had it in its store, I was destined live the life of a first year, TWICE! And no, I didn’t fail nor did I drop out, I just changed my University.

Having lived at two places, which are geographically and culturally distinct, I have the opportunity to talk about how two Law Schools are different and the reasons behind me leaving in the first place. The same shall be done in a concise manner.

Well, three semesters in a law school have made one thing very clear for me, you cannot find good food in the mess, sorry but you cannot. If the readers disagree, then I will be willing to taste the food-packages that shall be sent to an address to be notified later. Okay, coming back to where I was, the first day at Jodhpur felt really weird, I wasn’t as excited for a new journey as my batchmates were, for me it was the same thing all over again.

For a month or so I’ve questioned my decision and the calls from old friends was certainly not helpful. Adding to that, I am an introvert (yet writing about my personal life on the internet, irony?) and for me it was like all the friends that I had, my room that I loved and my classroom was all gone. I felt as if new is bad. (Well, Barney Stinson would disagree, wouldn’t he?) As time passed and so did I in the continuous assessments, which are very frequent here, I realised that a year in a different law school is not a bad thing & on the contrary it was my strength. That period in a different place had exposed me to different cultures, different lifestyles and above all different cuisines. I know now, that it is very difficult to stay awake in the class, ergo (see what I did there? Product integration), I must get my notes from the photocopy shop. I knew that attendance is very-very and an extra ‘very’ just for NLUJ, important, so one needs attendance at any cost. To put this into perspective, lets say you have decent attendance (Trust me the only time I had 90% attendance was till the first week), then you can afford to miss a few classes and do what every student dreams of…Sleep.

I forgot to mention food, did I? No, I didn’t but I’ll do it once again. Another reason that I love the entire experience of a law school is that you get initiated to good cuisines. I wonder how long it would have taken for me to realise that Malyali food is love, had I not been to the university. Or what a noob would I have been if I hadn’t tasted Makhaniya Lassi, yes that’s a thing and yes that’s love too.

So as I drink coffee and wonder, when do I start my diet, I write this for the world to know that change is not always bad and things turn out to be pretty amazing if you have patience (still working on the patience part, though).

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