NLU, Jodhpur

Taking It In: NLU, Jodhpur

This article was submitted to Ergo by Achyuth Jayagopal, a first-year (Batch 2016-2021) student at the National Law University, Jodhpur

From my childhood, I’ve been someone who kept my distance from the hustle of academic labour and found solace in Sports, Literary activities and more or less anything that could help me escape the boredom of classes. In the ‘crucial’ tenth and twelfth standards, the one advice teachers always bestowed on me was ‘If you study now, you won’t have to labour a lot in future’. I kid you not, taking that into account in those two years has had its results.

Getting into National Law University, Jodhpur, one of the prime institutions in the field of legal studies in my first go at CLAT was in itself something very exciting. What awaited me there, was again a matter of concern and great eagerness. For a boy who isn’t very well travelled & has spent his whole life in one small corner of Cochin, the idea of spending 5 years away at a city so far away in terms of distance and cultural horizons was itself a huge challenge that awaited me. Having no command over Hindi was also a major reason for concern. Thus, with a lot of concerns and as many expectations, I made the move to Jodhpur.

The early days did pose a lot of trouble with my limited knowledge of Hindi and the weather being my major undoings. But then again, evenings were spent playing football and that was a major factor for relief in the initial days as it has been throughout my life.
The following nights were taken over by interactions with my fellow journeymen and further ‘positive interactions’ with seniors. Bonds were formed over shared interests ranging from Movies to football clubs. The first steps for a steady five-year run (hopefully I won’t get debarred) were thus laid.

Classes were always a chore to get to and to stay up. Air conditioned classes in the hot weather are not an ideal learning environment, trust me. Finding fellow procrastinators and camping in rooms other than mine also ensured the fact that the ‘stress’ of law school life never even got close to me and made sure that my first semester at law school wouldn’t be the one setting standards for the ones to follow. Having two hours of football practice and a very big campus that had to be traversed by foot ensured that exercise isn’t going to be an issue for me and that it would be the only productive work I do in a day.

Looking back on the semester, even though academically it would be one that looks bad for my future prospects, but personally, all that mattered for me was forming the right circle of friends, getting to know where to start and how to work on, and getting back into the thick of my favourite sport. In all that senses, I think I have made peace with the heat of Jodhpur and law school life and settles down well to life at NLUJ. Now with a much improved Hindi vocabulary, (especially with respect to the abusing part) and rooms many rooms with wifi’s connecting automatically to my phone, I’ve gotten that home feeling and now am looking forward to nine more semesters full of fun, better work in academics and more Makhaniya Lassi.

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