NLU, Jodhpur

Good Things Can Happen After 2 AM: NLU, Jodhpur

This article was submitted to Ergo by Nirmal Bhansali, a first-year (Batch 2016-2021) student at the National Law University, Jodhpur

I think it’s around 2:00 AM in the morning. It’s chilly. There’s a cool breeze blowing right at my face. The weather reminds me of Bangalore’s (Something rare in Jodhpur). Like always, a host of activities are taking place around the hostel at this time. There’s a group of people playing football in front of SRK (Our hostels are named after prominent legal minds, don’t get confused.) There are guys playing poker in Aamir Ali(again, don’t get confused). Someone’s listening to The Chainsmoker’s Closer in MCS and while I cannot see them, I am sure there’s a group of people competing over FIFA 2016.

I am with two of my friends in a gazebo. We’re discussing the first semester, our future in law school, whether NLU-J would grow or stay stagnant etc. Our sem-end exams are a week away and as is customary, we count the number of hours we can give to each subject and make detailed plans of how we’re gonna study in the coming week. (And following the custom, we didn’t stick to any of those plans)

I slowly drift away from the coqmeme_1481281130744_42nversation and my mind starts thinking about all the experiences I have had in this college. All the things that I have felt and perceived in the past few months.  I begin thinking about the time I entered college. I didn’t have many expectations from this place. In spite of it being one of those top colleges, I never had any grand notions about NLU-J, I honestly didn’t know what to expect. It was a new episode in my life. Eventually,
my mind wanders off to a particular aspect that I personally have found to be overwhelming  in this university. The way ideas flow so freely among people.

It’s possible to find an AAPtard, BJP Bhakt, a communist and a Congress supporter have a discussion (An informed discussion at that), about the state of affairs in India without being at each other’s throats.

I have encountered movie buffs who find LOTR boring, dislike Shawshank Redemption and love Jhoom Barabar Jhoom(Stop being judgemental, it’s his/her personal choice). I have met bibliophiles who haven’t read the Harry Potter series. I have stumbled on poets who can come up with couplets on the go. I have come across people who are passionate about writing, students who love dancing and those who would like to make films someday. There are souls who would do anything to help the underprivileged and folks who would do anything to get rich. I have met people who see themselves representing the citizens in the future and also people who would love to leave the country as soon as possible.

Movie buffs, bibliophiles, poets, musicians, athletes, stand-up comedians, dancers, filmmakers, writers, health-freaks, otakus, gamers, foodies, master chefs, travellers, the list goes on and on.

I was able to meet all of these people, listen to their stories and ideas and it is, wonderful. Knowing that I will be among them for a few more years, it’s just exhilarating.

It’s 2:00 AM in the morning. The weather’s chilly. There’s chaos around me. I am sitting in a gazebo, away from the luxuries of home (Mummy’s food); in a blue city, surrounded by people from different cultures and beliefs, studying a perplexingly vast subject and my mind has a revelation.

“NLU-J is a fascinating place. I won’t regret my 5 years here”

P.S. The title is in reference to an episode in HIMYM (Yes, that show which ruined the ending.)

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