Underestimating Myself: GNLU

This article was submitted to Ergo by Devansh Saraswat, a first-year (Batch 2016-2021) at the Gujarat National Law University.

Landing at GNLU was perhaps by chance and not by choice or rather mismanagement of my own abilities. I still can’t figure out what was it.

Law, eh?

I never knew I would enter this field. I never knew it would become my passion. I never knew I would start living it. But I did. Way back in 8th standard I wanted to be a Doctor, owing my choice to two reasons. First, I wanted to treat poor people for free and save their lives as I fairly had an idea of what some doctors do. Second, I wanted to make money. Every typical Indian middle class fellow wants it. Money is the key to survival. But after a few of my mother’s remarks I quit my dream.

In 9th standard the dream to join Indian Army thrived. I read almost everything related to the entrance procedure to salary packages. Everything. I bought a couple of books on how to crack the SSB interview. I started physical training as well. I started living my dream. But somewhat a similar thing happened again and fate repeated itself. It remained as an unrealized dream of mine.

Maybe they were not my true love. Maybe they were just infatuations as a small kid.

10th standard and a search about all the available career options begun. I found law as one. I researched, researched and researched and eventually decided to go for it.  I never commenced a formal coaching for it but started the preparation myself, gaining every nitty gritty of Law and CLAT. I would often solve reasoning questions from my elder sister’s books. I bought a legal reasoning book and fell in love with it. It was pretty enjoyable.

In class 12th I joined a coaching institute and started my preparations in full swing. I even decided to sacrifice my class 12 Boards marks for the CLAT preparations. I would always top my Coaching mocks and that acted as a confidence booster. Then came the CLAT form and the preference list. I knew about every law schools performance in all the aspects, from whatever I had read over the internet and from the alumni.

Fortunately or Unfortunately, by choice or by chance, destined or decided – I put GNLU as my first preference. Tell that to any law aspirant and he would call me a fool. Well, my mentor definitely felt so, thankfully he didn’t express or else I would have spent months in regret. Although I did regret after the result was out. I scored 153 in CLAT 2016 and was ranked 236.With this rank I deserved NUJS Kolkata but I had already pre planned my five year long holiday at Ahmedabad – Gandhinagar highway. I myself do not have an answer as to why did I choose it. Somewhere in my mind I thought I am capable of this college and can’t get other NLU above it. I underestimated myself. Did I? I don’t know. I do not.

It was a big decision, a life changing one. The biggest in my life, as yet. Perhaps I messed up with it, perhaps it was destined and I can’t do much about it. Well, now I of course cannot as some decisions in your life are irrevocable. Either you repent or you find a way with it. I do not regret my decision now as I have done away with my so called mistake. I have thrown the thought out of my mind now. Nonetheless, GNLU has contributed too.

GNLU is a wonderful college, it does not disappoint you. But I have failed to accommodate myself in it until now. A few things have been problematic for me, the faculty is not exceptional and the hostels are dull, to name a few. Its late and I do not have options now. I will have to dwell at GNLU for the coming 9 semesters even if alone but I have to.

I will.

I am waiting for someone to come and change my life. I am waiting for that magic to happen and change my way of living. I am waiting for that someone or something who will come and make my life the best one.

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