HNLU Raipur

Bliss: HNLU, Raipur

This piece was shared with Ergo by a first-year (Batch 2016-2021) at the Hidayatullah National Law University, Raipur.

When I ended up in Hidayatullah National Law University after dropping a year to prepare for the entrance examination of CLAT 2016 (which turned out to be so easy that whether dropper or fresher you are on the same level), I was positive at the end of it. Anyways going down the road, my journey so far has been great.

At, HNLU, Freshers are allotted with double occupancy rooms and are given single occupancy rooms from second year onwards. I have a friendly and too-much-excited-about-life roommate which I am ok with. I have a pretty diverse batch of students from all over India which is the case with every NLU in the country. This diverseness of boys and girls in my batch, be it cultural or lingual is something that occupies a special position in my heart.

HNLU has a campus of an area around 70 acres, it has all major places- football field, cricket field, tennis court, badminton court, basketball court, volleyball court, gymnasium.

Positive interaction is a common phenomenon which happens in every college so why not HNLU? The first two months of my college life witnessed a lot of positive interactions with the seniors. The most amusing part of positive interaction is when you get to discuss it with your friends in the hostel room while sipping your self-made okayish coffee and slurping your roomie’s made maggi (no comments about maggi-it’s always good!). The late night sessions of laughter and discussions in your hostel just makes your college life better.

The Academic life at HNLU is extremely lively. You are assigned your projects two weeks after joining the college which you have to submit within the deadline which is after two more or three more weeks, followed by viva and moots. When I talk about projects, I mean research, research requires books and books can be found inside the Library.

The Library of HNLU is amazing. There is no doubt that a library is the ‘heart’ of any academic institution of higher learning. It plays a significant role in the pursuit of academic excellence especially in law institution’s excellence where the importance of its library increases many times as the entire teaching is mostly library dependent. As of now, it has an excellent book record.

The faculty is okayish or maybe I find the B.A. subjects mundane, both might be a possibility. In HNLU almost each and everything is student organised which develops a feeling of freedom and self-worth at college.

The lake view evening sunset behind the cafeteria is a thing I totally adore about in the campus. Sitting with my friends while sipping cappuccino discussing movies and books are the moments I cherish here at HNLU.

Sleep and bath are not common occurrences. There have been instances when I woke up just a minute or two before the first class and rushed inside the classroom looking like a rag because   70% attendance(The Devil, The Satan) which HNLU is really strict about.

I’m in my first year at HNLU, Raipur. Being an NLU, you can understand the exposure and the quality of student that come here. The crowd is varied as we have students from different parts of the country. We have a strong alumni base, our faculty is improving and there has been a considerable increase in the placement. The University is 15 Kms away from the city and hence it is quite and serene. Seniors are helpful, life is chill, events happen across the year and academics is light. All in all life is amazing at HNLU.

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