Newbie, to NUALS: NUALS, Kochi

This post is written by Anand Nandakumar, a student of the 2020 Batch at NUALS, Kochi.

If you are someone who took to the Law out of passion, attended months of CLAT coaching to crack it in style, got into NLU Kochi and can’t wait to take your legal papers head-on, your first year might just disappoint you. I might have destroyed all your expectations in a sentence. If I did, this is certainly for you to read. Read through, as I will tell you all that you have to expect in your first year in NUALS.

First and foremost, you barely see any Law papers in your first year. This is the same for any NLU in India. Let’s start off light and set your basics right before moving into serious business. First semester is more of a test of character. How you cope up with the sudden influx of freedom after school and your survival tactics through boring B.A. lectures hold the key. You are making a big mistake if your start bunking classes right away because this is where you can add valuable points that will add up to your final CGPA. Go for the 10-point score!

Even before you start getting to know your whole class, here comes election time. After probably a week of political gameplay and in a pure democratic process, each batch elects five representatives to the NUALS Student Council. One of the representatives from the first year also gets to become the Secretary of the Economic Forum. If you manage to get elected, well and good because the whole college gets to know you. If you don’t, it doesn’t matter, because no one really cares.

Moving into August, come the first fun event. It’s time for the pre-freshers and the freshers event. Get your vocal chords right and put on your dancing shoes on as there is no escape here. Better get practising now. One month long “healthy interaction”, the pre-fresher’s events and the fresher’s day is the best time to get close and interactive with your seniors. You miss this chance, you will soon regret.

Being new to the college, it gives you the opportunity to attend every function that happens in here. Not because you are given the privilege to do so but you are asked to. The NUALS first years are generally the ‘junior actors’ usually in there just to fill up the seats. It’s fun in the beginning until it becomes annoying later. The part I enjoyed was setting up the auditorium/ seminar hall, the night before any event. This is another chance to be around the likes of ‘famous’ seniors and get to see the lighter side of your professors.

After a roller coaster first semester, it’s time to get to business. The first semester exam. Seems like a big deal. But not really. It’s always funny to see the first years running in and out of the library, even the ones who haven’t seen the library before. It’s partly the excitement of attempting a university exam for the first time and partly the fear of having a bad start to college. Either ways, NUALSians or any NLU student for that matter, isn’t in the habit of studying weeks in advance. Two days of full on studies with a late-night session with your friends would gather you pretty good scores.

Entering the second semester and the new year, you get the first chance to experience the lawyer life. The Fresher’s internal moot. This was probably the most exciting event for me in my first year. The one chance you get to apply all that you learned in the first semester and all that you collected with extra reading, into practice. Though it is discretionary to take up the moot, I would strongly advise you to take it up. After all, you are in a law school. The moot preparation also gets you to know how resourceful your seniors are. The fresher’s internal moot is the best opportunity to start off your mooting career.

As you get into the latter half of the second semester, the first years are given their first challenge. The Economic Forum, which is constituted by the first years, have the duty to host Altus Disputatio. Altus is our very own debate competition which has a unique format called the “Devil’s Cross” designed by alumni of NUALS. In a first show of batch integrity, the first years take up duties from inviting teams to gathering funds from sponsors.

As Altus is over and you feel that you get time to gather some breathe, NAALAM is on its way. The most awaited event of NUALS, NAALAM is our inter-collegiate Arts and Literary fest. Though the organisers are the second years, the first years play a huge role in the run up to the three-day extravaganza. This is the only event for which one can see the whole college contributing.

From the nervous entries in July to NAALAM in Feb/March, the very first year in NUALS is sure to be filled with excitement and fun. Pull up your socks, gather all the law books you can get but do not forget to enjoy your time in here. It’s all how you take it. Have fun!

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