Ain’t No Love Like NALSAR Love: NALSAR

This article was submitted to Ergo by Nipuna Varman, a second-year (2016-2021) at the NALSAR University of Law, Hyderabad

I write this as I am travelling back to Hyderabad from Calcutta, I’ll be in second year soon. I am not here to tell you about the ways to crack CLAT, or to tell you how I made it to NALSAR because honestly, I do not know it myself. I won’t give you ‘expert advice’, or tell you the tips and tricks to survive law school because believe me, no matter what I say, you learn how to survive law school only through experience. Cliché maybe something you’re expecting from this article and cliché is what I’m going to give you- I am going to talk about my one year at NALSAR and how it feels like the time just flew by. It’s true, it feels like it was only yesterday when I walked into NALSAR for the first time. I was nervous and excited at the same time (more of the former than the latter). I was dreading the thought of living in a hostel, being responsible for my own actions, the subjects I had to study, and the people I was about to meet. I had never lived away from my parents and suddenly I found myself in a place where I had no one. I had a million questions on my mind, some of which are still unanswered.

Most of us think that once you make it to these law schools, life is all rosy and merry. But kids, it’s not. You hardly have time for anything. When you’re not busy with academics, you have college fests to keep you occupied, you are meeting new people, you are exploring the new place, or you are trying out different law school activities like mooting or debating. My first month in college was confusing. I could not make sense of what was going on around me. I felt that I wasn’t smart enough for this place. Little did I know that most of my batchmates were going through a similar phase. The thing is, a place full of uber-competitive intelligent people can be daunting but then, eventually, I found my pace and so did most of my classmates.

Through my one year at NALSAR I have made some amazing friends with whom I have spent countless starry nights on the hostel terrace talking about life, hopes, dreams, fears, and experiences. Yes, the campus is far away from the city but the true essence of NALSAR does not lie in the city. It lies in the evening breeze on your face as you sit by the NALSAR lake, the glorious fluffy clouds gliding on a clear blue sky, the lover’s lane in its full glory, and late-night walks on the Flag Road. There is a lot to learn at law school if you keep an open mind. I have learnt to celebrate and understand an array of cultures in this past one year, I have learnt to be more tolerant of an opposing view no matter how wrong it might seem to me, I’ve learnt to be more sensitive, and above all I’ve learnt to not be bogged down by my imperfections.

Even at the risk of romanticizing college life I must say that NALSAR is a world in its own, and it is the world I have happily become a part of. I’ve fallen in love with the clear Sunday morning skies and the rainy afternoons, I have lost my bearings over the fast approaching deadlines but I have also danced till my feet hurt during the DJ nights. Last year has been a tumble of emotions, but from highs to lows I have savoured every moment. As chauvinistic as I might sound, I mean it when I say there indeed ain’t no love like NALSAR love.

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