ILNU, Ahmedabad

Nirma Diary: ILNU, Ahmedabad

This article was submitted to Ergo by Aditi Gupta, a second-year (Batch 2016-2021) at the Institute of Law, Nirma University. 

Institute of Law Nirma University is the best place to invest your precious 5 years of life. As a CLAT aspirant, I was also depressed about not getting NLU at first hand. But after opting ILNU, all my doubts got cleared. ILNU is not only an institute but it is a family, a family that works well with the collaboration of faculties and students. The institute is located in Ahmedabad, Gujarat- a wonderful city that adapts you so warmly no matter which state you belong to. My hometown is Gorakhpur, Uttar Pradesh and moving to the West was a big change for me. I consider my time at the institute to be a journey of self-discovery and growth. The curriculum itself provides you with ample of opportunities that cover not only academic excellence but also personality development as well. From day 1 we are taught to be prepared for facing the future challenges of our career. The institute consists of talented faculty members who are experts in their subjects. Teachers not only help us with the academics but they also help us to grow as a person. They are always ready for clearing doubts and sharing their precious time with students. Faculties motivate us to be not only a good speaker but also a good listener.

At the every step of my first year, I was provided with help and advice from my faculties, not only as a teacher but also they are more like parents to me. ILNU is known not only for its experienced teachers but also for the legacy of its seniors as well. The seniors here are more like your buddies. They will not only guide you at each step with their experience but also they will help you to excel in your academic career. There has been a legacy of respect, love, care and support as well. The institute provides ample of opportunities to excel in moot courts, alternate dispute resolution, debate and modern United Nations competitions as well. And such national and international competitions would be almost impossible to achieve without the help of our excelled seniors. The environment in ILNU has been geared towards maximizing learning. From the well-stocked library to spaces for group studies, to the canteens for wholesome food and in-depth discussions, students are provided with every chance for peer learning and full development. You are welcome to share your views and ideas in ILNU through students’ initiatives like SAMWAAD- an open platform for discussion in the Institute itself. The best part about our college is that every committee of ILNU is handled by its own students. Every student can be a part of a committee of his/ her choice whether he/she belongs to the first year or fifth year. The students association NILSAA itself is well known for its collaboration and hard work of students. We also have open platforms like IDEA lab that encourages entrepreneurship among students.

Apart from academics, our college also excels in extracurricular activities like dance, music, sports etc. we have our own music club consisting of talented students. ILNU encourages students to work for their passion along with academics. Students are welcomed to participate in national competitions and show their respective talents. The college also holds enrichment courses along with academic subjects to enrich its students with the talent of their choice. No doubt the college holds a strict attendance policy of 85% but after following it for a year. I came to know about its benefits in my life too. The strict attendance policy teaches you with punctuality and discipline in your life. With the help of my institute, I learnt about how to give your best even in pressure and time constraints. The compulsory internships by college also provide us with the practical knowledge of our legal field- which is far different from theoretical knowledge.

ILNU provides the college life that every student aspires for in his/ her life. It is full of memorable experiences. We have a great diversity in ILNU as students from almost 29 States come here for admission. The college annual, literary, inter-institute, sports and cultural fests are full of indulgence and memorable experiences. I enjoyed my first year to the fullest. At the last but not the least, we spend only 5 years in our college but the college gives us memories that last for our lifetime. I would say studying in ILNU is an investment for your future 5 years.

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