Symbiosis Law School, Noida

Two Years, Struggles & Being a Budding Lawyer: SLS, Noida

This article was submitted by Ananya Shukla, a third-year (Batch 2015-2020) at the Symbiosis Law School, Noida.

For a law student, the main question that pops up is whether to drop a year or not? Will it be of any benefit if I rely on such decision? Whether it will work as per my game plan? It’s a tough decision to make, but there are those who don’t even consider it as a decision or any option as they have their goals set and accordingly work towards the same. But there are a few, who consider ‘dropping the year’ as the best option. I have been following the policy of “unless your name is Google, stop acting like you know everything” because I didn’t want to stumble upon any wrong decision, so after passing out from high school in 12th grade, I bumped into so many people who have excelled in law and thought about taking their advice, since I was afraid of taking a drop. I was not at all sure whether I would qualify according to the requirements of the top NLUs for heaven’s sake!

Sooner or later, I found out a hard way out that it will be difficult for me to toil day and night, hoping to get into any of the top 5 NLUs, and to my dismay what if the result does not show the way I expected it to be, for some reason or even any worst unnatural (LUCK) reasons too. So finally, I didn’t drop a year though I wasn’t sure about my decision, gradually I started applying to many colleges and got through many, but even got rejected by a few. Later on, the situation gradually seemed to improve! I joined Symbiosis, Noida and my first visit at SLS was quite distressing as it involved all the paper work, signatures everywhere and all sorts of admission formalities. I was allotted Hostel A with one room mate from Ranchi, that day was quite a hectic one and I slept like a log that night without thinking about joining college the next day as I was totally exhausted that day.

The hilarious part about the allotment of the hostel was that I entered in a wrong room along with my mother and since, I had so many bags with me, the person who opened the door was not noticed by me even once, and she didn’t even say anything because by the time she could say anything, I just rushed inside like a boss. And since, I was so exhausted, I realised the fact that she already had 2 roommates and I just self-deprecated myself. Ironically, the girl who opened the door for me became one of my best friends.

As time passed by, I met all sorts of people here people from different states, with different languages, in fact, few of them even taught me Oriya (my 2nd-year roommates) and my third semester, taught me, French. So, in the past 2 years, I’ve not just learnt new languages, but have also, involved myself in activities like mooting, writing papers, mock trials, etc. SLS had many things to offer, but to be honest law school is not just about the legal activities mentioned above, it is about how you enjoy doing these activities and still manage the art of not stressing over your life. We have to manage things, from extracurricular to maintaining GPA, because these days applications can easily get rejected for internships too! So, forget about the job in all this competitive atmosphere where students from different law schools apply for internships before 10 months for getting accepted by reputed firms, corporate houses or courts! Now in order to bring some fun in Symbian’s life the word ‘fest’ has been emphasised a lot only as far as fun is concerned, and believe me for Symbians it is like heaven for 3 days, since we have nothing to do in those 3 days but just enjoy the music, dance and good food. But such things require lots of effort in order to organise the college fest, and as per my personal experience if you are a part of legal events in the fest, just try consoling yourself with the thought that you will be missing 50% of the fun, because people in charge of legal events are the ones who have to work all day long, assisting the teams and the judges, being the court master and other things, they had to finish everything quickly in order to be a part of the night events, which were considered to be the best ones.

So far, the journey in SLS-N has been what I predicted it to be with some exciting experiences every time, but one thing which I actually dread to mess with is attendance, and it always has been since the start. I think this is the only nightmare which is common in every law student’s life, that is the moment when attendance is the biggest issue for all! Now that I have spent 2 years at SLS-N, I am now so used to the college life, that when I am on lazy holidays, I miss my hostel, friends and few teachers a lot, and you can say I have one family there in Allahabad and one family here in Symbiosis, Noida. Now I can finally say that dropping 2015 was not in my fate, which actually turned out to be a good decision, and I feel that law school is about taking a right decision at a right time. Whether it is about going for corporate or litigation or to choose French over German, the law is about taking decisions which are futuristic and that are in favour of your goals and choices!

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