Faculty of Law, Allahabad University

Against Popular Sentiment: Faculty of Law, Allahabad University

This article was written for Ergo by Sherwyn Andrew Haqq, a student of the Batch of 2016-2021. 

Having belonged to the science stream in school, when I told my family and friends that I was going to pursue law, their reactions were exactly how I imagined them to be – Shocked, astonished, confused and disappointed. A flood of questions came my way in the form of – Why the major switch? What is the plan for the future? And, how is this possibly going to work out? Since I do not hail from a family having a legal background, those questions did sting. The reason being that I did not have a definite answer to any of them. But all of that changed the moment I first stepped foot onto the hallowed grounds of my beloved college.

August 14, 2016 – I still remember the day and that too absolutely vividly. Between having fallen short of cracking CLAT and waiting for LFAT, the thought of altering my choice crossed my mind a thousand times. But I’m glad and proud of the fact that I chose to wait it out. Had I not done that, I would have surely missed out on the days that are proving out to be perhaps the best days of my life.

For some reason, the fear of not getting admission in any college whatsoever scared me greatly. But it’s as they say, the best things tend to be saved for the last and that’s exactly what had happened. The results were declared a week later. I still remember how terrified I was whether I was going to get in or not. Thankfully, I did and thus became a student of Faculty of Law, Allahabad University. I need to mention that what a great academic year it was. The amount of knowledge I gained from the first year certainly surpassed the amount of astonishment I felt at the fact as to just how baseless the rumours regarding Allahabad University were.

Because we had a late start to our first semester, the first day coincided with the starting of the election week. From interacting with seniors to fetching their opinion regarding the various posts to campaigning for the candidate of our choice, every single bit of the process was amazing. Though it would have been obviously been better had we started off earlier than we did but there was certainly nothing to feel gloomy over, because the bond which the first year students were able to form with the seniors was impeccable. It was at that time during which I came across several super smart and intelligent people, who were more than willing to help me out, whatever my predicament may be. From the insightful questions and the priceless suggestions, one could very well make out that this college had a lot more to it than meets the eye.

After an October full of rigorous studies and perfect attendance in the classroom, came the most important event of the session – the intra faculty MOOT COURT competition. The introductory event to the legal profession for all the budding advocates of tomorrow. The preparation for the very same began while the first internal assessments were still underway. Needless to mention, after all the hurried submission of memorials, the competition didn’t prove out to be much of a delight. But the quotient of experience and knowledge was certainly in the entirety of the term.

Then came the long-awaited day of the Fresher’s Party. The one evening which had the potential of changing everything. Where one was supposed to ” dress to kill ” and enjoy as much as possible, cause for many, this was going to be the first and last fresher’s party. The CLAT aspirants still had another shot. * chuckles *. The evening proved out to be just as awesome as I thought it would be filled with great music, delicious food and moments. The memories of which would last a lifetime. I can still practically taste the tasty chocolate cake my batchmates and I arranged for the evening.

A horrendous December, accredited to the end semester exams, brought the calendar year to a close, leaving me with a burning hope of an even better 2017. I couldn’t believe that the day had finally arrived when I would be bored of relaxing at home and actually wait for the college to reopen so that I could study whatever else this field might have to offer. But then again, was I really looking forward to the studies or another semester of awesomeness?

The second semester began in mid-January. Though it had a slightly dull start to it, it picked up pace extremely quickly from that point on and I got to represent my faculty in numerous competitions, which not only brought about an immense rise in my confidence but also just a simple sense of certainty and belief in my actions, with which I would be able to focus fully on the tasks which lay ahead of me. The monotony of examinations was close by but it didn’t diminish the excitement and adrenaline all of us first years had going on within us. Whether it was participating in youth parliaments or parliamentary debates or going for moot court competitions too far off colleges, basically anything whatsoever. We were eager for each and every single one of them and we still are.

Sometimes it just surprises me as to just how quickly that year passed. I am no longer a first-year student. Sophomore year is just around the corner. A lot to learn and gain, but then again, the first one is always the most special, isn’t it?


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