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Literature at ILNU: ILNU

This post was submitted to Ergo by Kartikey Sahay, a 7th semester student at the ILNU, Ahmedabad. 

Institute of Law, Nirma University or ILNU, as it is most likely to be referred as, is one of the leading law schools in the country with an archaic love for literature that stretches beyond perpetuity. The Institute believes in nurturing its students in not only becoming sturdy law professionals but also individuals who are imbibed with literature to their bosoms.

Literature, like all other art forms, is like Heroin; once it takes hold of you, there is no holding back. You go all out. Likewise, the Institute has been bent on proffering this hallucinogen to every individual at the Institute, be it in the form of its Annual Literary fest, Connaissance, or its rich vein of literary gospels that it has in store for everyone in the Institute’s library.

Connaissance, unlike all other literary fests in the country, infuses the study of law, which makes it a class apart. From including stellar events like Youth Parliaments to organizing an Art exhibition during the three day extravaganza, the event lights up ILNU like nothing else does. Add to it a tinge of poetry recitation from and Slam poetry workshops, the event makes sure that everybody is left astounded by the end of it. The whole experience is surreal, to say the least.

The Institute’s Library, on the other hand, is like a Pandora’s Box: Get ready for a bagful of surprises once you get in. With its versatile set of books ranging from Simone D’ Bouvier’s The Second Sex to the Indian Epic, The Mahabharata compiled in hefty volumes, this is a place which serves as a visual treat for any literary enthusiast. You can feast your eyes on a variety of books and the Library’s serene environment makes it one for the ages.

Then comes a law student’s delight: Samwaad: a place where germane societal subjects are conveyed and discussed in a holistic manner. Literature, like every other aspect of an art form, is for the society to behold and fathom. An assortment of both literature and societal hitches is a perfect foil for every law student that steps into the Institute with a zealous heart. It serves the very purpose the law is made for and with Samwaad, the literary flavour is never short of its perpetual charisma.

With all these gargantuan literary delights for a law students being offered by the Institute, it is definitely not the end. The Institute played host to a delightful play by the Theatre Committee of the Institute based upon the bewildering Trial of the Late Great Mahatma Gandhi. Such theatrical plays are an archetypal sight at the Institute nowadays with the advent of societal snags adding the auxiliary zest for a literary enthusiast. Not just the student faction of the Institute, but the Institute in itself hones in on the literary skills of the Institute by imbibing courses like Law and Literature in the very first semester itself which is an impeccable platform for the contemporary brand of law students that the Institute aspires to harvest.

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