Tryst with destiny ( NALSAR ) ?

This post was submitted to Ergo by Harshita Gupta, a second-year (Batch of 2023) student of NALSAR, Hyderabad.

The title truly sums up my 1 year ,exciting  journey of being in NALSAR . I still remember how I used to dream about NALSAR day in and day out during preparation days . I had heard and seen so much about this college that I couldn’t choose any other one for spending half a decade of my life . The choice of pursuing law or even choosing a particular college seemed intimidating . Did I take the right decision ? Will it be worth it ? All these questions were floating in my mind in the very first month of college . Almost everyone experiences that feeling when your heart sinks and you question the decisions that you made . But after the initial days, this feeling slowly vanished and I experienced a new feeling of euphoria – of being in a college like NALSAR , of completing a 1000 word write up that I never ever did in my life , of making new friends , attending freshers , so on and so forth !

NALSAR , being one of the best law colleges in the country offers lots of opportunities . Every week there is something or the other going on in the college . There is so much to do that sometimes you feel overwhelmed . The first semester went in only figuring out how things work . Our very first encounter with mooting happened with the intro-moot . There are so many competitions with so many selection rounds. Majorly , you will see first years  being enthu-cutlets and participating in everything . In my case , I was not able to figure out stuff, so I just chose to volunteer rather than participate . Volunteering too is a good option to just see how things work and gain a bit of exposure to the “law-school things”. There are so many seniors who have mastery over something or the other . You can very easily approach them in case you need help !

But all this comes with a setback too. You just feel lost sometimes . Numerous questions start floating in your mind – Whether I am worthy enough to  be in law school ? All my friends are doing something or the other , will I ever be able to achieve all that ? Will I get selected ?

Amidst a crowd of ambitious 120 people , where someone or the other is doing something apart from academics , you might feel worthless. In my case , I did not find it appealing to do a lot of things that my peers were actively doing . I was very clear in my mind  what I want to pursue in future so it was difficult for me to explore other things . But just to make sure that I do not lack exposure , I did try to see how things work through volunteering or by generally talking to seniors .

One more thing that becomes challenging is to be who you are , to preserve your original self . The college  will toss you , will push you to the extreme lows and will again raise you to extreme highs . You will start challenging your strongly held beliefs . You will start defending your point against your peers . You will find it difficult to express your own true self in front of everyone  “…….what if they don’t like it”. But in the end you will grow . This is one of the things that I have learnt in my first year  – even if things go wrong I will be who I am and also I will grow by learning from this place .

You will need a support system to survive in this place . My survival- kit included my friends and a few seniors  .I had people whom I can go to , cry myself out and they would help me . Also the general atmosphere of the college is very happening . We have so many fests and parties that you do not usually feel that much of a burden while handling things here . In the very first month we have treats by seniors , icebreaker and freshers . You would also feel connected with your culture by the way of many cultural fests and the activities organised by cult-com! One of the main highlights of my first year was dancing like crazy heads in the parties lol .

To sum up , to experience NALSAR, you have to be at NALSAR. One unique experience with lots of challenges and opportunities !!!

Until next time , Harshita Gupta , First year !


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