A Little Candour on Law School: JGLS

This post was submitted to Ergo by Navami Krishnamurthy, a student of the 2023 batch at Jindal Global Law School. 

Everything I had heard about law school turned out to be false. I heard many stories from school seniors who took up law as a profession. Their version of law school terrified me, and to an extent, even made me reconsider my life choices. I had heard about peer pressure, academic pressure, heavy competition and a constant race to be at the top. But when I finally picked up courage and entered law school, I realized that my perception of it had been based only on these perspectives, and that it was so much more than just what I heard. I just finished a year at Jindal Global Law School and I have never been more content with my decision to take up law. Sure, there is competition, there is pressure, there is a lot of reading and there are a lot of assignments. Studying law is not easy, but it certainly isn’t as impossible and scary as my seniors had made it out to be.

My first year was certainly a fun ride. After 18 years of living at home, living away from my parents for a year certainly was a pitfall. I was homesick for a while and it did take some time to get adjusted to the new surroundings. Something that made this harder was the fact that I had my parents’ support during the exam season when I was prone to getting stressed back home, and this was not there in my new home. But then I found a really good set of friends and was much more comfortable.

 Once the pace picked up, it was difficult to get adjusted to the course and the subjects involved at first, but it became easy with the help of a little hard work and self-learning. Apart from academics, I joined a short Mandarin course which I thoroughly enjoyed. My father always says that academics are not the only important part of one’s education, but it is the surrounding knowledge and extra-curricular activities that one engages in, which are. I agree with him, because I realized that just academics did not do me any good, and there is nothing keeping me away from the pressure of school. Taking an extra Mandarin course helped me break away from the monotony of academic life, and by doing something I wouldn’t normally do, allowed me to explore both, myself and the plethora of opportunities in college!

Law school has taught me many things apart from drafting contracts: it taught me discipline – whether it was submitting assignments or reaching classes on time without parental supervision, patience – especially when group projects were involved, or when my friends said something controversial, and finally, it taught me that it is fun and filled with new twists and turns every day, something I was even ready to forego a year ago because of one hyperbolic senior!

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