About Sickness & Sore Throats: JGLS

This article was sent in to us by Akansha Rukhaiyar, a second-year at Jindal Global Law School (JGLS). It has been a rough week. By rough, I wish I meant because of a grueling internship. But no, a weekend of weddings and engagement ceremonies followed by multiple Pokemon Go expeditions have taken a toll on me… Continue reading About Sickness & Sore Throats: JGLS

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From Outer Space to Jeffrey Archer: JGLS

This post was submitted to us by Darpan Singhi, a graduate of the 2011-2016 batch of Jindal Global Law School.  My decision to study law was never consequentialist. I had no agendas of becoming a corporate lawyer or filing PIL petitions. I was merely curious about the law because of the rhetoric that surrounds it… Continue reading From Outer Space to Jeffrey Archer: JGLS