Hey everyone,

Greetings from Team Ergo! If you’re on this page, it means that you have decided to visit our website, see what we’re about and hopefully contribute your own piece. Firstly, thank you for that. It is people like you who have collectively helped us get this far in our endeavour to make the world of Law School more interactive, moving beyond rankings and numbers. Our aim to unite all law students together under a virtual roof has surmounted its initial obstacles, but it is far from over. Today, we take a step forward in that direction, hoping to get over the finishing line someday.

So, here are some guidelines if you would like to contribute to us. We would love to hear your voice and your story:

  1. The themes underlying Ergo remain the same. At the end of 5 years, our college experience will be worth a lot more than a CV or a pay package. So share your unique story with us. It could be about late night conversations, about drinking with friends on the terrace, about a senior who made an impact on you, winning a moot after months of work or general advice to juniors.
  2. We do urge you to talk about your college’s facilities, infrastructure and faculty. However, we would also love for you to go past this- give us anecdotes, life hacks, all the good and the bad.
  3. We encourage critical articles as well. Feel free to critique your law school, tell us what’s wrong with it or if there are things you would change about your course. Criticize an entrance exam or a mode of teaching that does not work. This will only further our aim to foster a well-informed student community. You may even use your article to reach out for guidance about a certain issue you may be facing. However, be civil in your criticism. As a matter of policy, profanity will be removed from a submission.
  4. If you are submitting an opinion piece to us, it could be about anything in the world. However, please make sure your sources are verified and your article is not plagiarised.
  5. Dear Alumni, your guidance and wisdom is always welcome for AlumniSpeak. Do submit articles about career advice, CV building, general life advice or anything else. Please keep to our motto of moving beyond a job oriented college experience.
  6. All submissions must stay under a 1500 word limit. If you have exceeded this and absolutely cannot cut out any part of your article, tell us why in your e-mail and we will keep the matter. We at Ergo understand there are some things that have to be expressed.
  7. All submissions must be e-mailed in a Word Document to Please specify your name, college and year. If you would like to remain anonymous, do specify that as well. Don’t forget to provide a title for your piece!
  8. Submissions are subject to a review and edit for punctuation, grammar and sentence structure. We will not change your essential idea and rest assured, will maintain the integrity of your article. We will reach out to you if we feel that there are any issues with your piece that you could re-write or edit best.
  9. We will duly inform you if we will not be publishing your article, with feedback. Don’t lose heart, though! Feel free to incorporate our guidelines and send it back.
  10. Expect your article up on our website and Facebook page within 3 days of submission. If this is not done, do message us on Facebook or shoot us an e-mail on the same thread.

Thank you, and here’s to more experiences together. Let us create a collaborative and critical community. Feel free to contact us for any queries.

Cheers, .

Team Ergo.