Send Us Photos

Ours is a generation of advertisements. The better is the publicity, the more your organisation sells. Our +2 experiences begin with sending applications across the country for universities and later surfing their respective websites for the pictures of the campus structure and facilities. Overwhelmed, we take admissions and bam! It comes, “Where’s the campus I was hoping for?”

It’s about time that Ergo takes one step forward and puts one more brick in the wall. Do you feel your camera can bring the change? Now is the opportunity where those of you who think their cameras can bring the change Ergo is set for, contribute your bit by sending across the pictures of your campuses.

Listed below are some guidelines, if you would want to contribute. We want to see your story through your lenses:

  1. The pictures you send across to us can cover blocks of your university campus, from Academic block to Admin block, from library to basketball courts, from your Mess to the little evening chai shacks and everything else including your hostel rooms and the long corridors.
  2. We urge you to send unedited snaps of your campus structure because at the end of the day that is what everyone’s really looking for. A real picture of the to-be-university.
  3. Any puff pictures sent across would not be posted up because that’s not what we are aiming for in the generation of ‘everything goes on the internet’.
  4. Law Schools have a strict, no plagiarism policy. Since we are the products of this fraternity, we include the policy here, verbatim. The pictures sent across should be original as we want your story through your lenses.
  5. Any pictures sent in good quality shall be appreciated.
  6. And finally couple your picture with one liner that says everything about that snap in the least number of words.
  7. All submissions should be e-mailed to Please mention your name, college and year. We value your identities, so mention if you choose to remain anonymous.
  8. Submissions are subject to review to keep a check on the authenticity of the snapshot.
  9. We will duly inform you if your picture does not get published, with proper feedback.
  • Your pictures should go up on our Facebook page and website within three days of your submission. If the same gets delayed, feel free to contact us on Facebook or Gmail.

Burn the prospectuses and make informed decisions. Let us be a part of a more aware community on a more responsible webspace. Contact us for more queries.

Team Ergo